August 15th, 2009


From Twitter 08-14-2009

  • 08:06:59: If no one on the corner has swagga like MIA, does that mean someone in the middle of the block might?
  • 08:08:02: Heard about a web page that mentioned praying for Obama's death. Didn't a little girl get in trouble for saying that about Bush?
  • 08:09:24: Michael Vick is now playing for Philadelphia? Better keep my dogs away from Lincoln Financial Field!
  • 08:16:00: @JaredofMo Considering that he's from Colorado, probably neither. But of the two, I'd probably go with the Scot.
  • 08:16:58: @amandapalmer If it was built by Calvinists, then the performance there must have been predestined.
  • 08:17:52: @JaredofMo So she's kind of like Kenny from South Park?
  • 08:19:10: @jfruh Maybe that's who the Britney Spears song "If U Seek Amy" is actually about. The spelling of "fuck" is just a mislead.
  • 08:22:00: @eehouls Actually, I think being jaded keeps you alive longer.
  • 08:22:24: @MarzGurlProd But I ALREADY hate the human race!
  • 08:24:07: It's V-J Day. Does that mean we should celebrate the announcers on MTV?
  • 11:53:20: Another dream of mine involved eating contests between cats and mice, or something like that.
  • 18:41:19: Origins of the death panel idea
  • 18:42:48: RT @jlbellwriter Tim Holman's chart of most popular elements on 2008 UK fantasy novel covers:
  • 19:56:19: I'm glad dogs don't run the country. They're too obsessed with hierarchy.
  • 20:11:34: As much as I like the first Dresden Dolls album, I sort of think it runs out of steam after "The Jeep Song."
  • 20:21:34:
    The Lumber Gibbon is a ruthless overlord.
  • 21:21:50: There's probably no easy way to hook up an old hard drive to a new computer, is there? Seems to me I've done it once before, though.
  • 21:34:13: @JaredofMo I meant without having to open the new computer.
  • 21:34:28: @JaredofMo No, I've already removed the hard drive from the old computer.
  • 22:05:58:
    The Evolution of Bowser
  • 22:10:03: OMG, you just killed the baby Jesus!
  • 23:40:25: @samuraifrog I've never quite understood people who constantly follow and un-follow other people's blogs. It seems so flighty.
  • 23:42:51: RT @alyankovic Public Service

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Tiresias' Transgendered Experience

The blind prophet Tiresias is a frequently recurring figure in Greek mythology. He lived approximately seven times as long as most mortals, and served many of the rulers of Thebes, so it's not too surprising that he shows up pretty often. Even dying didn't totally end his career, since his shade gave advice to Odysseus during his visit to the Underworld.

Tiresias wasn't born blind, and many versions of his history say that he wasn't born with prophetic powers either. Some myths say that his sight was taken from him by the gods as a punishment for giving away their secrets, or for catching a glimpse of Athena bathing in the nude. The most interesting take on Tiresias, however, is that he came across two snakes mating and hit the female with his staff (why he did this isn't clear; some versions say that they attacked him upon seeing him, while others don't give a reason on Tiresias' part), which resulted in his turning into a woman. He (or, more accurately, she) kept this form for seven years, during which she served as a priestess of Hera, had children, and (according to some versions of the myth) also engaged in prostitution. When she came upon the same snakes, she struck the male, and turned back into a man. Due to his unique experience, Zeus and Hera asked him to settle their dispute as to which gender enjoys sex more, and Tiresias sided with Zeus in saying it was the female. This angered Hera, who took away Tiresias' sight, but Zeus tried to make up for it by granting him a long life and prophetic powers.

So I suppose the moral is, if you're unsatisfied with your current gender, be sure to hit any copulating snakes you might find. But try not to piss off Hera.