August 17th, 2009


From Twitter 08-16-2009

  • 01:06:10: @JaredofMo Yeah, I can hear that, I think.
  • 01:09:25: @oz_diggs Even bacon?
  • 01:10:24: @renlong Good luck! {g}
  • 01:11:13: @huggythuggy Or wurst!
  • 01:59:22: When I want to scare the dogs, I remind them that Michael Vick is out on the streets again.
  • 16:28:44: @poisonyoulove Not back on it, Joe, still on it.
  • 16:31:45: @MarzGurlProd But they're modern and extreme! What's not to like? (Wait, I just answered my own question.)
  • 16:32:32: Happy birthday, Diana Wynne Jones! I liked the one book of yours that I read. Maybe I should check out some others.
  • 16:33:21: @MarzGurlProd I think Usagi Yojimbo might have actually been a crossover with some other franchise? I'm not totally sure.
  • 16:35:45: @gilibugg So he can open cans of cat food on his own?
  • 16:38:03: @Borjauld - So was your music good enough to get the action figures to come out of their boxes and dance?
  • 16:40:09: @gick7 I remember seeing a "buy 5, get 1 free" coupon for orange juice. I don't know that I'd be able to fit that many in the fridge.
  • 16:44:26: Looks like it's also Madonna's birthday. So, do you prefer "Howl's Moving Castle" or "Material Girl"?
  • 17:07:59: Isn't it a little sad when an amusement park's most popular ride is the log flume?
  • 17:09:13: How come our local amusement park, Clementon Park, sucks now? They got rid of most of the rides.
  • 17:42:43: Does it say something about me that I initially read "hgobin" at the beginning of an e-mail address as "hobgoblin"?
  • 18:57:26: Brandywine Battlefield Park is reopening. I'm glad of this, even though it kinda bored me as a kid. {g}
  • 19:27:53: Now Obama might be totally dumping the idea of a gov't health plan, even though it was part of his campaign.
  • 19:28:53: Honestly, I think Obama is kind of a milquetoast. Come on, if I'd wanted Alan Colmes for President, I would have written him in!
  • 21:33:19: @NowIsStrange If he had died, it would have spelled disaster for Pixar soundtracks!

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Monday Miscellanea

Well, first of all, I signed up for a Tumblr account, so you can check that out, if you're so inclined.

Also, people have been telling me I should look into getting some of my work published, and I'd like to get some input from my readers. Is there anything I've written that you think is worthy of publication (with some edits, of course)? Would I be better off submitting an article to a journal or trying to write a book? If the former, how should I go about doing that, and what journal might want the kind of stuff I write? Any advice is welcome.

Finally, I've had some dreams recently that I feel are worth writing about. One had something to do with an Honors College reunion, which has actually happened, and I didn't attend. I doubt it worked out much like the one in my dream did, though. In another dream (or perhaps another part of the same dream; how can we really tell when one ends and another begins?), I was living in my old dorm room, except it was huge, and I was trying to pack up the stuff I had in there. Fortunately, I remembered I had access to two different cars. I can recall another one where I was still working the job I had three years ago (and I sometimes find myself wishing that were true). And a dream I had last night actually had a semi-coherent storyline. bethje and I were visiting therealtavie and Gina's apartment, which looked nothing like it does in real life, but a lot like the first house I lived in (which has actually been showing up in other dreams as well). I remembered I was supposed to meet some professor at a literary meeting at 8:45, and I believe Beth, Tavie, and Gina came with me (although, like most dreams, the cast of characters was quite flexible). The meeting was in a college building, and several friends and family members were in attendance. I think some people were setting up tables of books, but the major event had nothing to do with literature, and simply consisted of a master of ceremonies distributing candy to everybody. After that, my mom, my sister, and I were hiding out in some small Dunkin' Donuts, although I couldn't tell you why.