August 19th, 2009


From Twitter 08-18-2009

  • 13:25:41: @kattmoff Actually, it's been a long time since a man was on the Moon.
  • 13:26:05: RT @bclevinger The Charmin Bears are a blight on the soul of all mankind.
  • 13:27:19: @InBloomers How do we know He DOESN'T?
  • 14:20:16: @eehouls How many is it now?
  • 15:30:27: The light blue popsicles are pretty good, but they have kind of a weird flavor. I pretty much always prefer the grape.
  • 15:32:25: Animated Da Vinci
  • 15:59:43: Why are mini-burgers called sliders? Is it after that 90s TV show about interdimensional travel?
  • 16:24:13: Why the Birthers will never be satisfied
  • 16:45:07: Hey, Alec Baldwin! When talking about eating animals, how about that commercial where your brother wanted to eat a talking M&M?
  • 17:52:26: How long did Bill Murray spend trapped Punxsutawney in Groundhog Day?
  • 18:28:07: "Science fiction is neither!" -@NowIsStrange
  • 18:33:43: I can't hear Cyndi Lauper without thinking of Captain Lou Albano. I think this is a problem.
  • 20:41:26: @JaredofMo We went to Topsy-Turvy Land to see a man o' war, and we were much attached to it, because we simply were.
  • 20:43:11: @JaredofMo I've read "The Neverending Story," and it totally HAD an end.
  • 20:58:14: Is it surprising to anyone that insurance for people who've been fired has the same name as the terrorist group in G.I. Joe?
  • 21:03:54: RT @jlbellwriter Old link: Awesome revisions of fantasy book covers: (Well, maybe when the server's back up.)
  • 21:46:40: It bothers me that Google lists sites about the band Ozma before ones about the ruler of Oz.
  • 23:10:58: @JaredofMo The Tune Kurds are the more musical inhabitants of Iraq.
  • 23:14:41: Ashton Kutcher doesn't think he should have to pay for health care for people who eat a lot of deep-fried Snickers bars.

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Ozma in Videoland

My title is not meant to imply that the acclaimed Royal Ruler of Oz is actually in very many video games. Indeed, since most Oz-related video games are based on Wizard, in which Ozma does not appear, she's not that well-represented. She does appear in a fairly significant role in the recent Emerald City Confidential, but as I mentioned, she's not much like she is in the books (although, to be fair, there IS an in-game explanation for this). On the other hand, the NAME "Ozma" has appeared in at least two games, with no known connection to the fairy princess. The first is a very early game (released in 1979, as a matter of fact) called Ozma Wars, which is unfortunately NOT based on a period in Ozian history when there were two Ozmas fighting over the throne. Not unless Oz had spaceships at that point, anyway. From what I can tell, it's basically a vertical shooter along the lines of Space Invaders, but with a ship firing at alien vessels, comets, and meteors instead of a mobile cannon blasting individual aliens. I understand that it's pretty rare nowadays, and pirated versions of the game didn't always use that title anyway. "Space Phantoms" and "Solar Fight" are the two alternate titles that I've found online.

The other video game Ozma I know about is an optional and obnoxiously difficult enemy in Final Fantasy IX. Really, even though he just looks like a ball, he's apparently one of the hardest RPG enemies to defeat. This video, which I found through a Google search, shows a successful fight against the odious orb.

I also find it interesting that Zoma, the final boss of Dragon Quest III and the guy in my icon, has a name that's an anagram of Ozma's. I couldn't tell you whether that anagram would work out in the game's original Japanese, though.

So why the Ozma fixation this week? It's her birthday this Friday, at least according to The Road to Oz! I'm hoping to make another Ozma-related post tomorrow.