September 13th, 2009



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  • 00:46 @PFTompkins Maybe they mean "Vegan" with a capital V, as in someone from the star Vega. #
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    , but in THIS country we ca ... #
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  • 13:01 @MarzGurlProd I think expecting your average male model to be able to operate a computer is a bit of a stretch. :P #
  • 13:07 @CGCassimus I hate that commercial. They're not showing it again, are they? #
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  • 14:41 Video: “I yelled at the President during a speech!  Give me money!”  The guy certainly has audacity.  And... #
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  • 14:52 Andrew Lloyd Webber wants to do a musical version of "The Wizard of Oz" with extra songs added. How many drugs is that guy on? #
  • 15:05 I think @jianghomeshi appeared in my dream last night, but I forget what he actually did. #
  • 15:33 Selling pot on Craigslist #
  • 19:29 I love the Halloween costumes with trademark-dodging names, like the Borat costume that's just called "Eurasian Traveler." #
  • 19:29 Also, Tinker Bell is just "Neverland Fairy." So they can't use her proper name, but they can use her homeland's name? #
  • 19:31 But what I REALLY love are slutty costumes for eight-year-olds. Seriously, what the hell, Halloween store? #
  • 19:33 @colleenanne Sorry, but I don't think you'll be able to beat the record for Most Houses Owned. #
  • 22:27 @colleenanne And your desire when it comes to home-owning is to be average? #
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Hell Is Comically Drawn People

Hey, guess what? There's a new Chick Tract online! It's called "Some Like It Hot," but I see no sign of cross-dressing or Marilyn Monroe. Instead, it's more stuff about how the Devil controls every major world religion except the one Jack Chick believes (which he's actually claimed in other tracts isn't a religion at all, but I relationship with God; I fail to see the difference). I think there have been a few different Satans in the world of Chick, but I like how this one is a chubby little guy who walks around without a shirt on. It's certainly not one of the more majestic representations of the Evil One, but despite the horns he's not particularly beast-like either. I'm not sure whether or not it was Chick himself who drew this tract, but it's actually kind of interesting. I think Jack usually does his best work when he's making no attempt at being realistic, and that's certainly what we see here. The really cartoony Grandpa looks like a cereal mascot ("Eat Sin Flakes, a part of this completely blasphemous breakfast!"), and the hellhound is appropriately grotesque. (On the other hand, it DOES look totally different in the two panels in which it appears, unless those are actually supposed to two different devilish creatures.)

Some other noteworthy bits in this one:

  • "I thought heaven was for sissies." That's pretty similar to what the one truck driver says in this tract, but has any real person ever said anything along those lines?
  • Satan has a pretty nice big screen TV, doesn't he? I guess being the tyrannical ruler of Hell has its perks.
  • How many Bibles don't include that verse from 1 John? Chick probably didn't just make that up on his own, but it's certainly in translations other than the King James, which Jack thinks is the only valid one.
  • I assume Lucifer must have competed in the Olympics, since it looks like he's flying above the rings.
  • Satan framed Jesus? How? From the accounts given in the Bible, it sounds like Jesus really DID break the law. It was just a dumb law. Then again, Jack probably thinks it was the Devil who made up the Roman laws in the first place.
  • Sorry, Satan, but I think a fair amount of the Gospel does a good enough job of making itself look silly on its own. Maybe you should find a new hobby.
  • The Devil didn't like Henry, so he's punishing Henry's relatives. I guess old Lucifer learned from the best in that respect!

The Job Search

Although there's some debate on this point, the main theme of the Book of Job seems to be the age-old theological question of why, if there truly is a guiding force at work in the world, bad things happen to good people. Much of the Old Testament holds to the idea that good works and piousness are rewarded, while bad works and heresy are punished. But even back when the Bible was written, people would have realized that not all good and bad fortune can be so easily explained. Job is tested by being afflicted with physical pain and the loss of his wealth and children, and his friends insist he must have done something wrong, but Job's eventual conversation with God (who appears in a whirlwind or a cloud) gives the impression that mere humans can never really know why God deems it necessary for bad stuff to happen. Still, if you have faith, things will work out all right in the end. Sure, you'll lose your kids, but you'll end up with new and better ones! Okay, so that part probably wouldn't appear if a similar book were written nowadays, but the belief that there is some kind of reason for all the crap that occurs still holds true today. Even those of us who don't believe in gods tend to cling to the ideals of justice and compassion, even though those also don't always work out.

Job is said to have lived in the Land of Uz, which I believe is actually the name that the most recent Hebrew translations of the Oz books use for that fairyland. It's not entirely clear where Uz is, but evidence elsewhere in the Bible suggests that it might be a name for what would eventually become known as Edom and Idumea. Since there are no mentions in the book of the Jewish people or the nation of Israel, it's often regarded as taking place in the time of the patriarchs of Genesis. There's also a tradition that Job was Egyptian, and either a king or an advisor to one. And other local interpretations have placed Job and Uz closer to the interpreters' homes (funny, that). I think the chances are that Job was never intended to be a historical figure, but simply a character in a fable. As someone who likes verisimilitude in my fiction, however, I can appreciate the attempts to locate the setting of the book.

Finally, on an unrelated note, happy birthday to vilajunkie!