February 25th, 2010



  • 13:52 @TarynAria But can't people act for good without believing in magic? #
  • 14:45 They should ban billboards that emphasize boobs, if not for taste reasons then for safety ones. #
  • 14:51 My @billmaher style New Rule: The media should only be allowed to report on sex scandals if they have video footage. #
  • 15:27 American Idol, stop being so transparent that you're grooming certain people to win. No more of this "I think it'll be a girl" stuff, okay? #
  • 15:29 I think the producers are making a concerted effort to avoid another Taylor Hicks. #
  • 15:46 If they really have to continue Idol without Simon Cowell, they should get Quentin Tarantino. #
  • 16:40 Why do my whiny personal posts get more attention than the ones that are fun to write? #
  • 16:42 Maybe that's somehow related to why I have trouble making conversation. #
  • 16:43 @NowIsStrange How long do you have before you have to take the test again? #
  • 16:58 @NowIsStrange Yeah, but you're not really interested in Oz or mythology. #
  • 17:02 How do I go about getting my own We
    b domain? I know some of you have them. #
  • 17:04 For that matter, what would be a good domain name for me? #
  • 19:48 How can "Avatar" be nominated for Best Picture, but NOT for Best Animated Picture? That's logically inconsistent. #
  • 22:06 Why would you bother getting a plain doughnut? They don't cost any less at most doughnut places. #
  • 22:34 Neither @NowIsStrange nor I understand how Casey James is at all attractive. Care to explain, Kara DioGuardiaurdia? #
  • 22:52 Make your own sandwich, stupid guy in the Oscar Mayer commercial! #</l>
  • 23:00 @juliasegal But is it illegal to have sex with a mermaid? #
  • 23:02 Insurance companies need to stop making commercials that suggest they care about people. We all know they don't, so it's just dumb. #
  • 23:03 At least Safe Auto doesn't pretend to actually care about anyone. #
  • 23:07 The Bible contains too many references to pissing against the wall. I don't want my nonexistent kids exposed to that! #
  • 23:08 @alyankovic Awww, no George Harrison or Robert Plant? #
  • 23:13 I think Neko Case put it b
    est: "Y'know, they call them killer whales." us.cnn.com/2010/US/02/24/killer.whale.trainer.death/index.html #
  • 23:17 @TheRealTavie I think everyone does. Most of us just know better than to eat radishes in the first place. {g} #
  • 23:19 @colleenanne Do you want to find alligator cowboy boots they just put on sale? #
  • 23:19 @TheRealTavie I guess I can see it if you're a coffee drinker. They're just too dry by themselves. #
  • 23:20 Wow, @TheRealTavie and
    @JaredofMo made almost exactly the same response to my doughnut question. #
  • 23:21 @kingsthings Walter was afraid someone would make him say "nuclear wessels." #
  • 23:39 Does Wario or Waluigi ever ride on Boshi? #
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The Case of the Inconsistent Accents

Okay, here's something kind of random that I was thinking of recently. I forget who said it, but I remember seeing the remark that, in Disney's Beauty and the Beast, only Lumiere has a French accent. That seems to be fairly common in Disney films, though. Only a few unsympathetic characters in Aladdin were portrayed as particularly Arabian. And even as far back as Pinocchio, Geppetto had an Italian accent, but the title character didn't. It's weird, when you think about it, because in these movies that take place in foreign countries, they're presumably all speaking in the appropriate language, only we hear it as English to make it easier on everyone. So you'd think the other characters in Beauty and the Beast, being native French speakers (well, except maybe Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts, who were probably originally from England) would also have French accents. So why play this up with one character and ignore it with the others? And I know Disney isn't the only culprit in this respect. It's not like it's a huge deal, but isn't it rather inconsistent? And don't forget that, with Disney especially, villains and highfalutin characters often have to have British accents no matter what the setting.