October 19th, 2015


Stepping Out Like Skeletons

Beth and I actually went out tonight and the past two nights. While I don't regret it, I do appreciate days when I don't have to get dressed. Actually, I guess I should take this back to Monday, when we went to Coney Island and rode a few rides at the Wonder Wheel Park. There were hardly any lines there at the time, and I think we were the only ones on the Scrambler.

We ate at Wahlburgers, the restaurant owned by Mark and Donny Wahlberg that has kind of a Boston theme. The waitress had a Boston accent, although I don't know how authentic it was. Beth had a burger with some weird sauce on it. Okay, it wasn't that weird, but most sauces are weird when you're a picky eater like I am. I had a fish sandwich. The upstairs part of the restaurant was open-air dining, so I'm not sure what they'll do when it's too cold for that. Like tonight, for instance.

On Friday, we saw Rasputina at the Highline Ballroom. I don't think they'd played any shows in some time, and there was a different lineup on this tour. The second cellist was Carmella Parvo, whose real name I don't know, but I think parvo is a disease puppies get. Luis Mojica played keyboards, although on some songs that just meant a programmed beat. The band played a mix of older and newer songs, but sounded really good throughout. The opener was Daniel Knox, who had a good voice, but his music didn't really grab me.

Oh, well. After the show, we ate at a nearby diner. On Saturday, we saw Dave Fox's band Dead on a Friday at Grand Victory in Williamsburg. It's annoying that the only way (or at least the most convenient way) to get there from where we live involves riding the subway to Manhattan, then back to Brooklyn again. The show was fun, though. We ate at McDonald's that night, and I have to say I'm much more amenable to that since they started serving breakfast all day. The breakfast items they serve are limited, with the bagel and biscuit sandwiches not being includes, but I do like Egg McMuffins. I'm not sure how much longer the extended breakfast will last, so I should take advantage of it while I can, right?

Tonight's excursion was with Tavie and Stephanie to Randalls Island for the New York Haunted Hayride, which might be the only one they have in the city. It was pretty fun, but I didn't expect it to be as cold as it was. I had wanted to wear my 1998 Munchkin Convention T-shirt, which is somewhat appropriate as it has a picture of Mombi stirring a cauldron.

I did wear it, but I had to put on a jacket on top of it, which rather spoiled the effect. The ride was enjoyable, but it was weird that they didn't have any chainsaws. Aren't they required to be part of every haunted hayride? There was a van that transported us to the island and back for a nominal fee, but we had to wait a long time for it to arrive after the ride.

Last night, we watched a few Halloween episodes of old television shows, including Mr. Belvedere and Punky Brewster. What's annoying is how many results there are on YouTube where they don't show the entire episode, or it isn't in English. They've also started putting pay content on YouTube, which I'm against. There are already plenty of sites where you can pay to watch video. We did see a Raggedy Ann and Andy special from 1979 with a really annoying jack o' lantern. The voice cast was small, but it did include Daws Butler and June Foray. I have to wonder if they got drunk before recording, however. For that matter, the Raggedys even LOOKED kind of drunk.

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