January 11th, 2017


My tweets

  • Tue, 14:11: I keep seeing the footage of Trump mocking a reporter, but never the reporter himself. W/o context, it looks like he's having a breakdown.
  • Tue, 14:18: RT @BrandyLJensen: Unless you're a woman https://t.co/AIMEW8Ypt9
  • Tue, 14:18: RT @scalzi: Oh for fuck's sake stop blaming people voting for a shitty human being on the people who correctly pointed out he is a shitty h…
  • Tue, 14:19: RT @annetdonahue: imagine you were such a fuck up that meryl streep used a lifetime achievement speech to tell the world how shitty you are
  • Tue, 14:20: RT @nanglish: Can other people see those "A Dog's Purpose" billboards or is my illness progressing
  • Tue, 20:39: Guess whose birthday it is. (Hint: not either of the humans) https://t.co/KDGog6TdNp