May 2nd, 2017


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  • Mon, 12:06: RT @VGArtAndTidbits: That time Mario got arrested.
  • Mon, 15:46: RT @TeaPainUSA: Trump asks why the Civil War started. Because folks that would have eagerly voted for Trump didn't wanna give up their sl…
  • Mon, 17:28: RT @Dakarus: #DragonQwest Bring DQX and DQXI to the US! Though I highly doubt this will do anything at all, might as well say something.
  • Mon, 18:18: Is the Trump administration going to issue an official statement on which dictators are allowed to kill children and which aren't?
  • Mon, 18:25: RT @HireMeImFunny: Combining Nixon's paranoia, Reagan's dementia and W.'s complete lack of knowledge, Donald Trump truly is the ultimate Re…
  • Tue, 08:13: Why has Tatanga never appeared in Super Mario Galaxy or other Mario games set in space after Super Mario Land 2?
  • Tue, 08:19: Mario game idea: Tatanga's homeworld is invaded (maybe by the remaining Shroobs?) and he recruits the Earthling who beat him twice to help.
  • Tue, 08:33: RT @CollinMurr: Trail of Tears. BAD. Imagine if Andrew Jackson had been there. #TrumpTeachesHistory @midnight
  • Tue, 08:45: No one snorts like Ganon, grows warts like Ganon, no one abuses the Triforce like Ganon. @Nintendo_Legend
  • Tue, 09:12: When will we get a Bowser Jr/Wart Jr team-up?
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