August 21st, 2017


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Jason Goes to Cherry Hill

Today is Ozma's birthday! That's not what most of this post is about, but I always have to acknowledge that I remember the birthday of one of my favorite fictional characters. I intend to write at least one Oz post later this week (and the one I'm planning might actually be a bit harsh on the Royal Ruler), but since the last post I made on my WordPress was Oz-related, I want to cover some other things before getting back to fairyland.

This past weekend was the Monster-Mania Convention in Cherry Hill, which Beth and I attended, but we didn't stay as long as we usually do. We mostly go to the question-and-answer panels, and while they usually end at 10, this time they were scheduled to end at 9 so they could do the costume contest earlier. Then Fairuza Balk canceled, which meant the last panel ended at 7. I had wanted to see Fairuza, since Return to Oz was so significant to me. Oh, well. The first speaker we did see was Zach Galligan from Gremlins, who mentioned how much more violent and disturbing some earlier drafts of the movie were, including such things as Gizmo dying and turning into Stripe.

I think there was also something about mogwai being from outer space, or at least that was in the novelization.

Daphne Zuniga, whom I mostly knew from Spaceballs, was next, followed by Danielle Harris.

The panel for The Devil's Rejects consisted of Bill Moseley and Sid Haig, the latter of whom I was glad to see again after he'd had to cancel his last appearance for health reasons. The two of them are always entertaining.

After an hour break, the final panel had three people who'd played Jason Voorhees: Steve Dash from Part 2, Tom Morga from Part 5, and Derek Mears from the remake. Okay, if you've seen the movies, you know that one of them wasn't the real Jason. Steve was such a cranky old New Yorker, and it was awesome.

We've made it a tradition to eat at Friendly's after the convention, usually at the nearby one in Cherry Hill, as it's the only one we can easily get to before it closes. Since it was earlier in the evening this time, Beth suggested going to another one, and we probably should have. It seems like we're more likely to get bad service at the Cherry Hill location than other ones. Maybe that's just a coincidence, but it really shouldn't have taken almost two hours to have dinner there. Also, aren't silverware and napkins being provided generally a given? The next day, we ate at Pizzeria Uno for the first time in a while. They still have the shrimp and crab dip appetizer, which is really good. I remember getting sick the first time I tried their pizza, but I later learned to like it.

I didn't see the eclipse today, nor did I notice it being particularly dark outside the window at work. I'm sure there are plenty of recordings of it, but I don't plan on seeking any of them out, and I'm sure it's not the same anyway. I hadn't gotten the special glasses or anything, though. I wonder if this eclipse was visible in Oz, and if so what the attendees at Ozma's birthday party thought of it.