October 9th, 2017


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I Don't Believe in Cleveland or Cincinnati, Neither

Beth and I went down to South Jersey this past weekend, and brought the cats with us. We still haven't found a vet in New York, and they were overdue for a check-up. Also, we don't like to leave them alone for long periods of time. Since they're terrified of riding in the car in carriers, I guess it's kind of a wash, but they did get more attention and treats than they otherwise would have. They spent most of their time at Beth's mom's house hiding, though, which was kind of sad. I think they might be kind of nervous around the dogs, although Wally does always greet Dewey. The two of them grew up together. This time, it seemed like he was antagonizing Dewey to some extent, but maybe he was just trying to get him to play, and Dewey wasn't up for it.

It's hard to tell sometimes. Wally will often lick Reagan on the head, and it looks like he's being sweet and friendly, but she doesn't like it and it frequently leads to a fight. So is he trying to annoy her? Maybe, but I'm not sure. I've compared it to shaking hands before a fight, but that's probably anthropomorphizing a little too much. Anyway, they're both in good health, although we haven't gotten the results back yet for their senior wellness bloodwork. Wally is fourteen now, and Reagan about eleven, although we don't know her actual birthday. I think they also both lost some weight, even though they both seem to eat constantly. But I know from personal experience that weight fluctuations don't always correlate with a change in diet or behavior, or at least not that I can tell. Mine appears to go up and down pretty much randomly.

The main reason we were in New Jersey was for Beth's cousin's wedding, which was on Friday. It was a nice wedding, although I might be hard pressed to identify any wedding I've been to as a bad one. Well, I did go to one that wasn't bad overall, but did have a sexist minister performing the ceremony. They're now divorced, but I don't think that was the reason. There was a lot of food, much of it quite good. They had a cocktail hour before dinner, and I filled up so much there that I didn't really want a lot for the meal. The bride is of Italian descent, so that probably has something to do with the abundance of comestibles. They had a mashed potato bar, an interesting idea but not one that appealed to me. I hated mashed potatoes as a kid, and while I'm not quite as opposed to them now, they're still not something I eat by choice. The bacon-wrapped scallops were really tasty, and at dinner they had Kobe beef sliders and crab-stuffed flounder. There were a lot of options, which is cool, as I'm a picky eater and dread going to events where I might not like anything. A band played at the reception, but they were way too loud. I mean, I've been to concerts that loud, but I feel that you should probably be able to hear the person next to you at a party. Since they just did straight covers, I kind of didn't even see the point to the band, but hey, it wasn't MY wedding. Actually, my wedding didn't have music at all, except what they were already playing in the restaurant.

On Saturday, we ate at Applebee's and went on another haunted hayride, which also had annoying teenagers making snide comments. Still fun, though. They also have a maze to walk through, and while I don't have specific evidence, I think it was brighter this year than last. I remember having to feel along the walls before. On Sunday night, we came back to Brooklyn with the cats, who I think are relieved. Before that, however, we ate at Boston Market, and the pot pie I had was really good. I say I like pot pies, but I've come across quite a few I didn't like much. And now it's Columbus Day, a celebration of European imperialism and colonialism, but hey, I get the day off from my temp job! Seriously, when I was in school, it was generally agreed that Columbus having "discovered America" was a very dubious claim. What I don't recall learning about until much later was Columbus' own role in treating the natives as subhuman; he's known to have written that they would make good servants. When we have a President who straight-up supports white supremacy, it strikes me as more important than ever to present the negative side of European exploration.