October 13th, 2017


My tweets

  • Thu, 12:26: There's a blister on my left heel. I think it might be because I wore old shoes yesterday.
  • Thu, 13:13: RT @jimchines: Reposting this, as it seems to be perpetually relevant. https://t.co/HDwefl1hKd
  • Thu, 13:14: Shakira, did anyone even accuse your hips of being dishonest?
  • Thu, 13:18: RT @pattymo: Double recess and a milkshake machine in the cafeteria https://t.co/UR144c6AAR
  • Thu, 13:18: RT @saladinahmed: there’s no way I could get away with naming a fossil fuel industry spokesman this in a book or a movie https://t.co/fFMxK
  • Thu, 13:20: RT @McJesse: When women sing "They did the Mash" And then the guy chimes in "They did the *Monster* Mash" That's called Wolfmansplaining.
  • Thu, 13:20: RT @goodoldcatchy: I have a mental image of Trump and Hannity trying to high five each other with their cocks and repeatedly missing.
  • Thu, 13:45: RT @catvalente: Keep acting like it’s just that Hollywood is degenerate, & men at every level of society don’t do this because they can get…
  • Thu, 13:45: RT @hilariocity: Kenny Rogers' laundry tips: Pillows=hold em Pillow cases=fold em Duvet cover=walk away Fitted sheet=run
  • Thu, 13:55: No, Halloween isn't about devil worship. It's about changing seasons, as are Christmas and Easter.
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