October 18th, 2017


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Don't Wait for an Invitation to Sleepy Hollow Time

We've lived in Brooklyn for two Halloweens now, which means we weren't far from Tarrytown, which has a haunted association due to Washington Irving. He gave a valley about two miles from the town the name Sleepy Hollow, and set his tale of the Headless Horseman there. There are a lot of Halloween events there these days, and they sell out quickly. We finally got around to going up there this past weekend, bringing along our friend Stephanie. The two events we attended were Horseman's Hollow and the Great Jack O' Lantern Blaze. The first is a haunted trail that runs through several prop buildings. It's pretty high-budget as far as such things go. I would have liked it better if the people in front of us hadn't been bitching and moaning the entire time, but I think it's impossible to find one of these attractions where you DON'T hear someone either complaining or being snide. The Horseman showed up towards the end, and I think that is a real horse he's on.

The Blaze (not the Glenn Beck network, although I can't help thinking of it when I hear the name), in nearby Croton-on-Hudson, is really impressive.

In addition to plenty of individually carved pumpkins, there are large figures made primarily out of them, including a sea serpent, the Statue of Liberty, a grandfather clock, a circus train, the Pumpkin Zee Bridge (named and modeled after the nearby Tappan Zee Bridge, in case you didn't get it), and even a carousel. The pictures don't show how impressive these things were up close, but I took a lot of them anyway.

We were still using the air conditioner at night not too long ago, but we had to break out the comforter last night. Can't we get something in between for a while? It's usually warm in our apartment because of the heat, but they haven't turned it on yet. Right now, though, I'm using a fan; and I felt kind of hot in a long-sleeved shirt at work.