September 18th, 2020


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  • Thu, 18:06: Guests from Another�Game
  • Thu, 18:06: Guests from Another Game - Guests from Another Game You might well know by now about my mixed feelings on crossovers, how I love the idea but think they bring their own headaches, particularly when it comes to continuity. What’s kind of...
  • Thu, 22:42: Will there be some sort of follow-up to Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games? Link and Bayonetta at the Westminster Dog Show? Samus and Ecco the Dolphin at the G8 Summit? Pikachu and Alex Kidd at the Spelling Bee?
  • Thu, 22:44: RT @benkesslen: people in queens are like: "i live at 62-26 62st right off the corner of 62 ave"
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