November 5th, 2021


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  • Thu, 12:59: Would the deserts really miss the rain? Even if we assume biomes have emotions, which is itself a bit suspect, maybe they LIKE being dry.
  • Thu, 13:14: RT @BreeNewsome: Anti-Black racism is not simply a political strategy of the Republican Party. It’s the central organizing principle of whi…
  • Thu, 13:34: I think he's sad that Kirk Cameron doesn't hang out with him anymore.
  • Thu, 14:01: Critical but deserved.
  • Thu, 14:04: RT @ObsidianShiv: Why do so many people want to spread disease? People are dying, but like, at least you don't have to put a piece of fab…
  • Thu, 14:23: One thing I find psychologically difficult about Creationism is, if God made all living things ex nihilo, why doesn't He still do that? Why give up and say, "You can take care of perpetuating your species yourselves from now on"? It's not like God gets tired, right?
  • Fri, 10:13: I've seen at least two protests against vaccine requirements, and I have to wonder if stuff like that is purposely meant to make legitimate protests also look stupid, or that's just a side effect. Protest fatigue, I guess you could call it.
  • Fri, 10:15: RT @DingityDingus: Super Mario 3D Land celebrates its 10th anniversary, today! ✨ #Mario #Nintendo #Fanart
  • Fri, 10:28: RT @pixelatedboat: Holy shit.