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Wocka wocka. Who wants to hear a funny-ass joke?

I have several things I want to write about, but I'll start with last night's animated lineup, while it's still fresh in my mind. I think the basic premise for last night's Simpsons episode (a documentary film about residents of Springfield) wasn't really used to its full potential. I think it might have worked better if they'd done it more like "22 Short Films About Springfield," focusing on different characters, rather than simply using it to come to the conclusion (yet again) that Homer's life really isn't so bad. Another geekier problem I had with it was how they suggested that all of the people in the film were about the same age, even when other episodes said otherwise. Flashbacks in "Mother Simpson" showed both young Homer and Wiggum, and Wiggum was a quite a bit older. And there's no way I'm believing the Crazy Cat Lady is only around 40. I had the same problem with "The Blunder Years"; Smithers was mentioned in another episode as being in his early forties, so he should have been OLDER than Homer in the flashback sequences. I realize that the non-aging makes things tricky in this respect, but I think the characters should generally be about the same ages relative to each other. Also, everyone having known each other as kids is a little too Muppet Babies or Flintstone Kids for my taste. I don't mind SOME of the characters having been childhood friends (I liked the fairly recent "The Way We Weren't," where Homer first meets Lenny, Carl, and Moe at summer camp), but recent episodes have sometimes had a tendency to go a little overboard.

The preview for the Simpsons movie was better than any of the other ones I'd seen, if only because it showed stuff other than Homer getting hurt or dumping pig waste. Nothing in it produced an "OMG, I can't WAIT for this movie!" reaction for me either, though. I don't doubt that the movie is going to have enough funny stuff in it to make it worth watching (I'll be REALLY disappointed if it doesn't), but I hope the story is good. I'm kind of dreading watching it and thinking, "Well, they could have just cut out the filler and made this a regular episode" or "Okay, this is a little too far-fetched for a Simpsons plot." (I also don't want it to be episodic like the Family Guy direct-to-video movie, but since that was specifically made so that it could be cut up and shown as regular episodes, I really don't expect it to be.) I'm also curious as to what guest stars will feature in it (come on, you KNOW they're going to have some), and whether we'll see appearances by infrequently used characters. I did notice Gabbo in the trailer, so that's a good start.

Okay, on to Family Guy, which really wasn't that great. It wasn't bad either, and some parts of it were funny, especially the Muppets with the wrong voices, but it didn't do much for me overall. Oh, well. Not every episode can be a classic. As of late, it sometimes seems like they're putting more effort into American Dad, and the most recent episode of THAT was definitely a good one. The whole peanut butter conspiracy thing worked really well, and "Illuminutti" was a pretty clever play on words. I never actually thought George Washington Carver invented peanut butter, but then, I DID do a report on him back in the sixth grade. It often seems like, when someone is credited in popular culture with having invented something, they really didn't. I mean, James Watt, Betsy Ross...I could go on, but those are the only two examples that come to mind offhand.

I'm sorry I haven't really been keeping up with my friends page recently, but I do intend to catch up at some point. At present, though, I'm just getting into The Sims 2, so most of my computer time will probably be devoted to that for a little while longer.
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