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Would a wooden horse in a woodland go?

I finished reading The Sawhorse of Oz today. It was written by Harry Mongold, the same guy responsible for Button-Bright of Oz. Overall, I found Button-Bright to be the better book (at least as far as I can remember it). Sawhorse started out a bit awkwardly, and didn't really use its title character as much as I might have hoped. It did come together toward the end, though, and I enjoyed some of the Baumish discussions of different kinds of government. I was amused by the village of Remote, where the leading Council is made up of specialists who all agree with each other, yet the people consider it to be the most democratic town in the world. The episode in the Improbable Forest (which was reproduced in an early issue of Oziana) was also interesting, if just about as weird as you might expect from the name. It's not one of the best fan-written Oz books, but I'm definitely glad I got the chance to read it.

Speaking of Oz, happy birthday to yosef, one of the few Oz fans on my friends list (although the number has grown a bit in the past year or so). And since I'm not sure whether I'll be making a post tomorrow, I might as well wish colleenanne a happy birthday as well.
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