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The Ozzy Ozziness of Oz

I still haven't finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (I've read twelve chapters, and will probably read more before I go to sleep today), but I DID finish three other books recently. They're all three Oz books that bethje gave me for our anniversary, and I'm going to put my thoughts under a cut, since I know most of my readers probably don't care about Oz. And maybe some of the people who DO haven't read these particular books, and don't want them spoiled. So here we go.

Chris Dulabone's Toto in Oz is quite different from Gina Wickwar's Toto of Oz, but they both seem centered around a desire to finally give Dorothy's dog his own book. This was the first book that Chris put out under the Buckethead Enterprises of Oz imprint, and I'm glad to finally have the chance to read it. I enjoyed Toto's experiences as First Magistrate of Arfrica, and I appreciated how Chris tried to work in as many dog-related puns as possible. After Toto and his friends have to escape from Arfrica, though, their experiences in Billowed and Hawlaii are rushed through pretty quickly. There's also a somewhat convoluted case of multiple transformations that are broken at the end, which seems to have been pretty typical of Chris's early Oz efforts. The one in this book is nothing compared to the ones in The Deadly Desert Around Oz and especially The Colorful Kitten of Oz, though. My other complaint would be that too much time was spent on Toto's dream near the beginning. Overall, though, I enjoyed the book.

The Three Imps of Oz was another Dulabone work, and I think it's one of his better ones, expanding on the adventures of the Imps from L. Frank Baum's Little Wizard Story. Chris continued Baum's trend of pun-related names for the Imps, including Imps Enetrable, Roper, Ossible, and Erialism. (No Imp Otent, though. I think he might have been too busy hawking drugs on cable news channels. {g}) The book is short, focusing on the Imps' attempts to make good in society, and their search for a magic ruby in the castle of the amateur magician Murch (presumably named after the director of Return to Oz). I found that Chris's general emphasis on weirdness and jokes worked better here than in some of his other tales. The obstacles in Murch's castle were a good mixture of the silly and the actually challenging.

Ozallooning in Oz is not by Chris, but by Margaret Berg. I used to be in occasional letter-writing contact with her back when we in the Oz Story Circle, and the book was illustrated by shadarko, so this is a rare case where I'm actually acquainted with both author and illustrator. Margaret wrote a LOT of stories for the Circle, and they tended to give a mystical quality of Oz, mixing in a lot of different myth cycles with the familiar characters and locations. The book is no exception to this, working in references to British fairy lore, Viking mythology, and Native American legends. The story is short, and pretty light on action, but it was still an interesting read. I do have to wonder why this one was published before Margaret's The Reading Tree of Oz, which I thought she had finished first.

Something non-Oz-related that I've been enjoying recently is a page of Stupid Comics. And if you enjoy those, Superdickery is along much the same lines. (I think I've already linked to the latter, actually, but it's worth another mention.)

This quiz, which I got from twobitme, is just a multiple-choice identification thing, but I think that Beth might be interested in it, even if no one else is.

Your Score: Damn Disturbed

75% Knowledge of Disturbing Cinema.

You thoroughly enjoy the disturbing cinema; images and ideas that "get under your skin" have an appeal to you. You've watched the majority of films on this test, possibly even multiple times, and you may even have sought out some of the more esoteric movies that weren't covered herein. A good "skin crawling" scene has impact and resonance for you.

Link: The Disturbing Movies Test written by seele-brennt on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Finally, I keep forgetting to wish a happy belated birthday to jenhime (whose actual birthday was back on the sixteenth), so I'm doing so now.
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