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Okay, so, new Simpsons episode last night. I actually thought it was pretty good, and more original than most of the stories we've been getting recently. Marge did bond with a criminal in "Pokey Mom," but that didn't work out quite the same way. The ending to this new one seemed a bit abrupt, but at least it made sense. And I thought there were quite a few good gags along the way, including the various excuses Marge came up with for not visiting Dwight, Chief Wiggum reading the chapter names for The Negotiator, an Itchy & Scratchy cartoon addressing the baseball steroid controversy, the old movie Marge watched, the names of the amusement park rides, and Krusty and Dr. Hibbert's stilted dialogue at the park. I do have to wonder if Gil is really dead. It certainly looks that way, but Hans Moleman has been through much worse, and Dr. Marvin Monroe made an appearance after he was supposed to have died, so I guess it really depends on whether the writers want to use him again.

It's cool that Steve Buscemi made a second appearance on the show, since his part in "Brake My Wife, Please" was so brief. I was trying to think of people who have voiced both themselves and other characters. Mark Hamill did both in the same episode, as did Joe Mantegna (well, sort of). I guess George Takei would have been on the list if he'd agreed to do "Marge vs. the Monorail," but he didn't. I also thought it was interesting that they brought back Julia-Louis Dreyfus as Snake's girlfriend. I think the only appearance of that character other than this episode and "A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love" (in which she was introduced) was "The Old Man and the Key," in which she didn't speak. Or am I wrong about that?

And to go back to shortly before the show began, bethje and I ate at Boston Market last night, as I hadn't been there in a long time and had been craving it, particularly their pot pie. I used to eat frozen pot pies all the time, but you can't get the brand I liked around here. Actually, there's one store where I saw them once, but I don't go to that area very often.

EDIT: At Boston Market, we heard Neko Case's version of "Dreaming Man," which was definitely unexpected. It's not all that common to hear Neko played in public anyway (although it has happened a few times, like when they played "Lion's Jaws" at Starbucks), but it's even odder that they'd play something from an album not available in stores (although they probably did release it to radio stations).
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