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All Questions, No Answers

  • Is not the concept of hunting down and killing terrorists contrary to the hallmark of the Western justice system, that everyone is innocent until proven guilty?

  • Why does the Republican party insist on condemning Hollywood? Are they not both dedicated to the same basic principle, i.e., making sure the filthy rich get even more money?

  • How can people insist that it's only illegal immigration they don't like, and then get all up in arms about amnesty? Wouldn't that make more illegal immigrants legal, hence removing a large part of the perceived problem? For that matter, how is it that there seems to be a fair amount of overlap between people who think America (meaning, of course, the United States) is the greatest country in the world and those who oppose immigration? Doesn't it seem like, if they liked the country that much, they'd want to share its greatness with others?

  • Why is the chosen word of criticism for new albums by established artists "mainstream," even when the music sounds absolutely nothing like anything played on Top 40 radio?

  • Since Fox seems to be so eager to introduce new channels, why don't they just create a separate one for professional sports (they already have one for college sports, according to Wikipedia), and stop pre-empting the Sunday night lineup?

  • Why do so few restaurants serve orange soda, or lemonade that isn't "light"?

  • Why does The Dictionary of Imaginary Places only include locations from the first seven Oz books, plus Queen Zixi of Ix? You'd think they would at least include all of L. Frank Baum's fourteen, although the first six would also make some sense, since Baum intended to end the series after that.

  • Is anyone else surprised that there isn't a musical version of Jurassic Park yet? Or is there one, and I just don't know about it?

  • Why do birds suddenly appear every time I cast the spell of Aves Arcesso?

  • Why do I always insist on providing the reason why I was thinking of whatever subject I'm covering in my journal? My recent post about fantasy is a good example. I guess part of it is because I think (probably incorrectly) that people are interested in knowing what I've been doing, and maybe will want to check out the source of my thoughts. But there have been other times I wanted to address a certain topic, but decided I'd wait until I had a specific reason for doing so, and I'm not really sure why I put those limitations on myself.
Tags: food, issues, meta-entries, oz, politics, television

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