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Last night I had a dream that I could fly

Okay, I really didn't, although there WAS one point where I was discussing Mario's power of flight with someone. There was also something about wooden animals in a pool, and I made up some story about how they were real animals that had been turned into wood. It's disappointing when I have dreams where I just THINK about weird things, rather than having them actually happen. But anyway, the point of this post is that there's a new XTC MySpace blog post about the song "Chalkhills And Children," which includes this exchange ("AP" is Andy Partridge, and "TB" is interviewer Todd Bernhardt):

AP: No, it didn't come from a dream, apart from the fact that occasionally I do dream that I can fly. I'm sure there's somebody out there who knows all about dreams, but it's usually a similar scenario -- I'm out in the street, and I'm telling people, "Look, I can actually will myself up into the air!" They're saying, "No, you can't!" And I say, "Yes, I can -- watch." And I sort of strain, and then, in a standing-up position, I levitate about three or four feet off the ground.

And they go, "Wow! You really can! Is that as high as you can go, or can you go any higher?" And I sort of strain a bit more -- I can feel myself straining in the dream -- and up I go, about 20 feet. And they ask again if that's as high as I can go, and I will myself up to 50 or 100 feet or so, and then I then wave to them -- "Bye, I'll be back in a bit!" -- and then I travel across the hills around here, in that standing position, about 100 feet in the air.

TB: I have flying dreams, too, and from what I know about them -- I was a psychology major for a while at university -- a lot of psychologists see them as "reward dreams."

AP: What do you mean?

TB: In that, if you're feeling good about yourself, or you're feeling a sense of accomplishment about something that you've done, you'll have a flying dream, because usually flying dreams are freeing, and liberating. It's interesting to hear about the way you fly in your dreams, because in my flying dreams, I have a feeling of swimming through the air.

AP: So you're laid-down and sort of swimming?

TB: Yeah! And there's always a feeling of, "Why didn't I realize before that I just had to move like this to be able to fly?" There's a certain feel to the stroke -- it's almost like a breaststroke or something.

AP: With me, it's not like doing a stroke -- I'm standing, slightly leaning forward, and straining. But yeah, it's a dream I have every now and then.

As I might have mentioned before, most of my dreams along those lines involve me pedaling in the air like I'm on an invisible bicycle. It was probably inspired by cartoons, but it also kind of reminds me of how people walk through the air in the Vegetable Kingdom in Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz. It seems like I might have had some more traditional flying dreams when I was a kid, but they might have just been daydreams. I've always thought having the power of flight would be really cool, but then, who hasn't?

Here are a few other unrelated things I've been thinking about recently:

1. It bugs me when someone argues that it's okay to leave things on the wrong shelf of a store, or not put their shopping carts back in the right place, because they pay someone to clean it up. In my experience, that isn't really true. When I was a grocery store bagger, I had to retrieve carts from the parking lot. When I worked at the toy store under the Sales/Stock title, I straightened the shelves. You'll notice that it wasn't my actual job in either case, but just something extra they made people do because customers were unnecessarily messy. I guess it's possible they would give store employees less hours if it weren't for all the cleaning up after customers, but that would have been a sacrifice I was willing to make.

2. So, how about that weather we're having? Well, having in this part of the country, anyway, which means that most of you won't know anything about it. But it went up to seventy degrees this past weekend, and then last night and this morning there was frost on the ground.

3. I had a Subway meatball sub for lunch yesterday, and I don't think it was as good as they used to be back when I got them all the time. No, this isn't another complaint about the fact that they no longer do the wedge cut. I still think that cut made more sense, and I have no idea why they changed it (probably something to do with Jared), but I've become resigned to the fact that it's gone the way of the Denny's Breakfast Dagwood and Pizza Hut's Priazzo. No, this is about how I think the sauce is different. I haven't had one of those subs in a while, so I can't really be sure, but it seems sweeter or something now. Still not as sweet as the meatball sub I had at Quizno's a while back, though. Who was it who decided that tomato sauce, of all things, should be sweet?
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