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Everyone wants a slice of the jingoistic cake

Hey, did you vote yesterday? Or are you one of those people who thinks it doesn't really make a difference? Considering all the ballyhoo surrounding the Democrats taking control of Congress last year, and all the NOTHING that Congress has accomplished since then, you might actually have a point. And there have been years when I didn't vote, because I didn't have the foresight to request an absentee ballot. In general, though, I don't understand why so many people who have a reliable way of getting to the polling places don't vote. It's easy, and you can at least feel like you're participating in policy formation, even if you really aren't.

I haven't really been following the news recently, but when people aren't distracted by Dumbledore's sexuality or Marie Osmond's poor balance, it seems to largely consist of stories about how badly things are going in Iraq, interspersed with politicians rattling their sabres over the prospect of war in Iran. Yeah, because another war is JUST what we need! Okay, I'm forgetting the stories about natural disasters, which are much more dangerous and unpredictable than terrorists. It makes me wonder why the administration hasn't just declared War on Mother Nature. No, wait...considering the state of the polar icecaps and all that, maybe they HAVE.
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