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Hipy Papy Bthuthdth Thuthda Bthuthdy

Happy birthday to my one true love, bethje, who turns 28 today. I remember being 28 as if it were only...well, two years ago. Actually, I guess I don't remember it all that well. The recent years have kind of blurred together for me.

One band I'd been wanting to see live for some time is the Magnetic Fields, and they are going on tour early next year. Unfortunately, the closest they're coming to me is New York City, and all three of the shows there had sold out by the time I tried to get tickets. I wonder why they don't want to come to Philadelphia. Is it the litter? The murder rate? The fact that there's a news story about a cop being shot practically every other day? That the mayor waited in line for an iPhone during work hours?

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