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On the eighth day, God created Fire Flowers

It's Black Friday, and I did go the mall today, but only to get lunch. Fortunately, no one was trampling anyone else to try to take advantage of the specials at the Chick-fil-A (probably because there were none). On the sidewalk outside the mall, someone had chalked, "Stop Shopping, Start Dancing," which I think is the title of a Magnetic Fields song. {g}

In the spirit of Black Friday's rampant consumerism, and inspired by my viewing of a whole bunch of Super Mario Bros. Super Show episodes yesterday, I present you with a list of Mario-themed bumper stickers that Nintendo should put out, but never actually will:

  • My other car is an Autobomb
  • Support our Troopas
  • I brake for Yoshis
  • Save an Ostro, ride a Shyguy
  • I'd rather be warping
  • This car climbed Tall Tall Mountain
  • My child is an honor student at Woohoo Hooniversity
  • Unless you're a flying raccoon tail, get off my ass
  • Lakitu is my co-pilot
  • Don't blame me, I voted for Bowser!

Any other ideas?
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