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Sideshow Bob's Family Style Return

While not as funny as some other parts of the ongoing Sideshow Bob series, I still thought last night's Simpsons episode was pretty good. The writers managed to work in Bob's entire family and several references to his past, while still turning out a working story. I did find it a bit far-fetched that no one but the Simpsons would have shown up for the grand opening of the fake restaurant, especially considering the usual track record of the denizens of Springfield.

The new Family Guy was also pretty decent. The joke with Peter and the hanger stands out for me as something that was particularly funny in an "I can't believe they got away with that" kind of way. Also funny were Doggy Hell, Brian and Stewie's walkie-talkie conversation, and Chris's lines. And the callous way that everyone else in the family treats Meg is generally amusing, with Peter becoming overprotective for a change being a nice twist on that.

Something else that I watched recently was a Super Mario Bros. Super Show cartoon episode called "The Koopas Are Coming! The Koopas Are Coming!", which parodies the American Revolution, with Mario's team helping General Washingtoad (clever name, huh? :P) fight the "Koopish Army." Since they're in the Thirteen Mushroom Colonies, though, wouldn't it make more sense for them to be rebelling against, well, the Mushroom Kingdom? Yet the Princess is supporting their fight. Actually, I think a better parallel would have been for a group of Koopa colonists to rebel against Bowser. They could have been led by George Washingturtle, or something like that. I'm probably overthinking this, though. I mean, the episode WAS written by someone who thought it made sense for Mario to be able to jump around while frozen in a block of ice.
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