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Belle was okay, but oh, Sebastian went too far again, crashed his car in the rain

I have several DVD's sitting around that I either bought or received as gifts, but still haven't gotten around to watching. Until yesterday, one of these was Belle and Sebastian's Fans Only. B&S are a band that took a little while to grow on me. bethje liked them before I did, and I had an eMusic account back when they still had their Unlimited plan, so I got most of their albums and EP's from there. I always thought their music was pleasant, but it took several listens before I really started getting into it. I still don't know all that much about the band as far as the individual members or history go, although I hear that lead singer Stuart Murdoch got married recently. I think it's interesting that their songs are so lush and intricately arranged, yet the members themselves always come across as so casual and informal. The DVD is roughly in chronological order, at least as far as the songs go. Otherwise, though, it's kind of oddly organized, with interviews, live performances, and videos all mixed in together. Even though it was released after Dear Catastrophe Waitress, it doesn't include any material from that album. There's also no mention of Isobel Campbell leaving the band, but I actually didn't know she was in it as long as she apparently was. I guess DCW was the first album that B&S did without her. Anyway, it's a pretty cool collection. There's a definite home-movie quality to their early videos, many of which are made up of grainy footage of people doing stuff outside. Incidentally, during the credit sequence, there's a picture of Melora Creager without her Rasputina garb, which is interesting to see.

I also watched the first disc of the Captain N and Super Mario World set. I'd remembered that they gave Yoshi an annoying voice, but I'd forgotten just HOW annoying it was. I'd sort of like to do individual reviews of these episodes, but I doubt anyone else has the same interest in these old video-game-based cartoons as I do, so I probably won't bother. Besides, even if I did, I think I'd want to get the first two seasons of Captain N and The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 first, so I could properly demonstrate how much the series went downhill in their final season.

One of the previews on the DVD was for a Sonic the Hedgehog series, which I think is different from the one I used to watch on weekday afternoons, although both have Jaleel White as the voice of Sonic. I was never as much into Sonic as I was into Mario, and not just because I didn't have a Genesis. I remember people acting like Sonic was so much cooler than Mario because he had an attitude, but I think his cockiness was somewhat put on. Maybe he was insecure because of how Mario and Luigi (and I'll admit that I'm more of a Luigi fan) got to use power-ups, throw vegetables, and ride dinosaurs, while he mostly just ran around a lot. Not that I have a problem with the Sonic games, mind you, just Sega's attempt to present the blue hedgehog as the hipper alternative to the Italian plumbers. I'm not a fan of the "let's put down the competition" business strategy anyway. But I guess that's all water under the bridge now.

I've unscreened the comments on my movie quiz, and posted the answers for the ones that have been guessed. I think I'll leave the ones that haven't up for a little while longer, unless you're really curious to know what they are.
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