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Yeah, I know I said my next post would be about EPCOT, but bethje hasn't finished adding her comments to that entry, and I thought you deserved to know that my pictures are now online. It seemed to take forever to get these up, too, so you'd better take a look! {g}

Disney World

Flickr's free accounts only allow up to 200 pictures, so there were some that I wanted to post and didn't get to. Maybe I'll put them on Photobucket or some other uploading service. These are most of the better ones, though. A lot of the others are just not-as-good pictures of the same things.

And, while I'm making a post, I might as well mention a few things I noticed the other day:

1. When I got into the bus terminal in Philadelphia, I noticed that Dr. Laura was on TV, promoting a new book or something. You mean there are people who still listen to that harpy?

2. Speaking of people that I'm not sure why anyone still listens to (that was awkwardly phrased, wasn't it?), I noticed at a newsstand that the Sun has another cover story about how Nostradamus predicted that the end of the world will come soon. Haven't they been running that exact same story for years now? I mean, what did Nostradamus' prophecies actually say? "The world will end in 2000. No, wait, I mean 2001. Or maybe 2002. Would you believe 2003?" But maybe we can't totally blame the old seer himself, as people have known to twist around and add to his actual quatrains to make it look like he predicted something. There was a lot of that going around at the time of the September 11th attacks.

3. And while I'm on the subject of tabloids, the National Enquirer says that Obama is close friends with a terrorist, has taken money from gangsters, and fights with his wife about other women. Is it typical for the Enquirer to get political like that? Did the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth convinced them that character assassination of presidential candidates was fun? Or do they run stories like that every election season, and I just can't remember?

4. This isn't actually an observation, but I had a dream where I came to my old hometown in a helicopter, and found that the main street was totally flooded. A sign sticking up from the water identified it as the worst flood the town had ever had. I think it was inspired by the time the river flooded and I had to wade through waist-deep water on my way home from school.
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