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When I draw, you lose

I'm not an artistic person. I occasionally see other people mention how they enjoyed art class, but for me, it was pretty close to being right down there with gym. I could talk about how the art teachers were generally intent on everyone copying what they did, hence stifling the creativity that's supposed to be the backbone of art, and this would be true. But in my own case, I wasn't some kind of secret artistic genius being put down by the forces of conformity. Quite frankly, I sucked, and probably still do. I couldn't draw a straight line even WITH a ruler. If you asked me to cut out a circle, it would probably end up looking more like a triangle. I always used way too much glue. You could say that art is subjective, and this is definitely true to a certain extent. You could make a valid argument about how Picasso was an amazing artist, or how your three-year-old draws better than he could, and no one could say you were wrong. It's not like trying to argue that two plus two can sometimes equal five. But I think there's a certain level of basic skill that a person needs to be artistically successful, and I didn't have it.

I also hated doing projects that involved making things. Writing reports was annoying (especially because I usually put them off until the last minute), but I could generally pull through and get a good grade. Making dioramas and models of the solar system, on the other hand, was never my thing. What usually happened was that my mom would do most of the actual assembly, which I understand is quite common. I think the school system is trying to get revenge on parents for getting THEIR parents to do their work. Personally, I plan to cheat the system by not having kids. {g} But I think there were some kids who actually LIKED making these things, and would always opt for them over written reports. It seems weird to me, but that's just the divide between the artistic and non-artistic, I suppose.

Anyway, with that in mind, here are some old things that I dug up, from various parts of my childhood.

Since I was obsessed with the Winnie-the-Pooh books when I was very young, that's mostly what I drew at the time. You probably wouldn't have been able to tell if I hadn't labeled everything, though.
Winnie-the-Pooh characters

I wrote down the date that I drew this one, but not the year. I think it must have been from prior to kindergarten. It's supposed to be a picture of my dad.
My dad, as drawn when I was very young

I think the story behind this one is that I missed a field trip to Longwood Gardens for some reason, and the assignment was to draw a picture of something from there. Since I hadn't gone (although I'd probably been there before, and would go back many times in the future), I just drew some imaginary garden scene. Maybe I'm totally misremembering, though. The triceratops on the left is supposed to be a topiary (I'm surprised I didn't label it). And hey, I got a smiley face on it, so it must have been good, right? {g}
Weirdwood Gardens

My teacher actually wrote in this next one that I should have used nicer paper for my cover, although she gave me an A on the report anyway. Personally, I think the problem isn't the paper so much as the messy quality of the drawing. Not that either one had to do with how good the report was, mind you. It always bugged me when teachers made a bigger deal out of how things looked than how well I learned the information.
Crocodile report cover

Okay, here you can totally see what I meant about using too much glue. This one isn't too bad otherwise, though. It's a project that I did for art class in elementary school.
Halloween art project

This was also a Halloween art project. I think it involved scratching on paper, but I don't remember exactly how.
Some Halloween art project

I can't even remember the context for this one, but it's supposed to be a caveman drawing a cave painting. The sad thing is that, even though it must have been at least five years later (probably more than that, really), my people still don't look much better than they did when I drew my dad.
Ice Age Cave Painting

One day when I was around ten or so, my brother and I were painting with watercolors, and I got the idea to blot my first painting onto another piece of paper, then add to the result to create another picture. This one might actually have been the original, since the colors are bolder than on any of the others that I still have.

One of my hobbies back in the day was making up my own amusement parks and drawing maps of them. Perhaps the most detailed was one based on dungeon-exploring fantasy stories and games. Not Dungeons & Dragons specifically, since I never played that, but other things of that same variety. This is a map of the water park.
Dungeon Amusement Park

Another hobby was making up denizens of alien worlds. These pictures are probably among my best, since they're not supposed to look like anything real.
Alien Animals
More Alien Animals

I also liked to draw space scenes, usually including planets and spacecraft, with no real sense of perspective. Ningnoolda, the namesake of the starship shown here, was the leader of the pantheon of gods worshiped in a distant galaxy.
The Starship Ningnoolda

I'm sure I'm not the only one who drew stuff while bored in class. I remember a time in junior high when I'd constantly draw maps of imaginary lands on the backs of old papers. I never actually did anything with these locations, as far as I know. I think I mostly just liked inventing really crazy names for things.
A map of some imaginary continent

Or occasionally I'd draw pictures of magical items, like the ones on here.
Mount Frohzinn and other ice-related things

I can sort of remember drawing this (I think it might have been during study hall), but not what king I intended to live here. Probably some kind of sorcerer-king, given the boxes of magical herbs on the right of the table. I find it kind of amusing that I included cords for the phone and answering machine. And I think that thing on the left with the carnivorous plant drawn on it is supposed to be a trash can.

I really don't even try to draw or do anything else artistic anymore. I kind of wish I could draw passably, but I don't feel like putting forth the effort, you know?

Oh, by the way, does anyone have any ideas of good songs for a spring mix? I've already done ones for summer and winter, and I might as well continue with the theme. Fall is probably going to be the hardest one, but I don't think I'll worry about that one for a few more months.
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