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Of Pets and Pancakes

So, I ended up trying out the Pets expansion pack for The Sims 2 for a little while the other day. And when I say "a little while," I mean "a few hours." It's not just that the game is addicting (which it is), but that it takes a while to really accomplish anything. When I've been playing for two hours and still haven't seen so much as a promotion, it makes me not want to stop until I have. Anyway, the game didn't seem to run properly when I first installed the expansion pack, so I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling all of the previous expansions and the main game itself (making sure to back up my data first, of course). I wonder if installing Open for Business prior to the earlier University caused problems. I don't know, but the whole thing seems to run all right now. I designed an Egyptian Mau cat, gave her to one of my families, and got her a job in the service industry. No, I've never heard of a service cat either, but when has that game been totally realistic in any respect? There was also a stray dog that stopped by the house, and I wonder whether you can adopt strays like you could in the Pets expansion for the original Sims game. I really want to try out some more features of the expansion pack, but I don't think I'll have the chance until Monday at the earliest. If I don't get a temp assignment for next week, I guess I'll have a lot of time for that. It would be nice to make some money, though. It would be nice if it were as easy to find a job in real life as it is in the game.

Yesterday evening, I went out to IHOP and the mall with bethje and her Uncle John. At IHOP, I had the Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity Breakfast. Even though they are doing a promotion for the Horton Hears a Who movie, that meal has nothing to do with it. {g} Does anyone else remember the commercial for the breakfast where some guy wears a mask while ordering it? Probably not, but I do, for some reason. Apparently they were well aware that it was an embarrassing name, but they figured that Denny's shouldn't get all the goofy food names. When the waitress delivered it, she just called it the "Rooty," and I was confused at first as to what she was talking about. The menu said it was supposed to come with sausage and bacon, but they only gave me bacon. I don't recall liking IHOP's sausage all that much, though, so I didn't complain. The strawberry-topped pancakes (the reason why the meal is "fresh and fruity," I suppose) were quite good.

Something you might want to check out is the Angry Video Game Nerd's review of the Super Nintendo Wizard of Oz game. A brief remark at the beginning suggests that the Nerd might be familiar with some of the Oz books, which is cool. I've never actually played the SNES Wizard, but it looks pretty bad. I think I once considered buying it used for $5 or so, but decided against it. The sad thing is that I think Oz could actually make for a really good video game, but no one seems interested in making one. Oh, and speaking of the Angry Video Game Nerd, it looks like he has a DVD out. I'm not sure if there's anything on it that you can't see for free on the Internet, but it would still be cool to have.
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