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Hoppy Easter!

You know, the people who are intent on keeping Christ in Christmas never seem to have the same desire to keep Eostre in Easter. Strange, isn't it? :P

Yes, it's Easter today, and I'm working. Even if I weren't, though, I doubt I'd be doing anything special, aside from having dinner with bethje's family. I miss hunting for eggs. I guess it just goes to support my recurring point that holidays are no longer as fun after you leave childhood.

Thinking back on past Easters, I remember a local garden store that used to have a contest where you could guess the weight of a rabbit named Hoppy, and the person who came closest (and won a drawing, most likely, since I would imagine a lot of people would have gotten it right) would win the bunny. I was never very good at that kind of thing, though, any more than I was at guessing the number of jellybeans in a jar. That reminds me that I wouldn't mind having some jellybeans. Not the black ones, though, as I don't care for licorice. A chocolate bunny might also be nice, even though I'm usually not all that big on chocolate.

Speaking of bunnies, I saw some at a mall pet store on Friday, and this one kept jumping around the cage (well, actually more of a glass display case than a cage) every once in a while, giving no heed to any of the other rabbits in there. I've always thought bunnies were really cute, but I'm not sure I'd want to have my own. Really, bunnies can have somewhat similar markings to cats, can't they?

Finally, happy birthday to pixielust!
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