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An Idol Question

The theme for this week's American Idol was songs that came out in the years the contestants were born. As you might expect, there were some really bad choices made, including Kristy Lee Cook (whose continued presence on the show never ceases to baffle me) singing "God Bless The USA," because that song apparently hadn't already gotten enough attention on the show. You know, I think the first time I heard it was actually at Busch Gardens in Virginia, which is weird because that's a European-themed park. Come to think of it, I also saw some show about how great the United States is while there. Obviously some theme parks don't much care about maintaining the fantasy. But I digress. My main point in making this entry is that I got to thinking what song I would have chosen, were I participating in this theme. Unfortunately, I was born two months too early to be able to sing anything from XTC's first album, a 1978 release (not that that album is all that great when compared to their other records anyway). Looking at Wikipedia's page about music in 1977, I see that there were two albums released that I don't have, but that I quite like a few songs from: Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell and Talking Heads' Talking Heads '77. Maybe "Don't Worry About The Government" would be a fun choice, even though: 1) I can't sing like David Byrne, and 2) I doubt the Idol judges would have much regard for anyone who DID sing like David Byrne. But hey, it's all hypothetical anyway, since I actually can't sing at all.

Anyway, what song would you choose?
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