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This dream brought to you by Lightspeed Briefs

I don't usually like to make descriptions of my dreams into posts in and of themselves (because they rarely get comments, natch), I'm going to make an exception this time, since there have been quite a few recently that I think are worth mentioning. Since leaving Disney World, I've been having a lot of dreams about it. I can't remember much about the most recent one, except that it was time to leave, and I hadn't done much of anything. That same night, another one of my dreams was about an Honors College reunion. This actually did take place recently, and rockinlibrarian attended, but I didn't. In the dream version, most of the students were staying at some new dorm instead of Whitmyre Hall. There were also some rooms in the back of Whitmyre (which never existed in real life) that had been demolished; when I thought I was going into one of them, I ended up outside. I've heard that they plan to demolish and rebuild the hall (again), so maybe that inspired some of what took place in the dream. There were some people I went to school with in attendance, but none of them talked to me. There was also an arcade, where a boy was playing some game that played the XTC song "Mayor Of Simpleton." I tried singing along, but it annoyed the kid.

Last night, I had a few more interesting dreams. One involved a laundromat that had pictures of characters from Futurama hung near the entrance, but somehow also existed within the show itself. I think that, at one point, I asked Professor Farnsworth why there were pictures of his crew in the laundromat, but I don't recall if he actually answered. I also had to wonder why there were still laundromats in the thirty-first century. I also remember seeing a globe that was supposed to show the world as it is within the Futurama time frame. Then there was a dream where I was in school (elementary school, I believe, although there were some elements of high school as well), and a really enthusiastic and jokey drug dealer came into the classroom. After he left, one of the authorities (I'm not sure if he was a teacher or not) basically said that, even though drug dealers are scum, he liked that particular guy because he was so amusing. There was also one in which someone on one of my Oz e-mail lists was talking about Hillary Clinton's commercial about the 3 AM phone call, and mentioned that Glinda was totally ready to respond when the Sawhorse showed up in the early morning to get help from her. I don't think such a thing actually happened in any of the Oz books (in the dream itself I thought of Kabumpo in Oz, but that actually has Glinda awake and researching the cause of frowns when the Soldier with Green Whiskers shows up at her palace with the Sawhorse), but I'm sure she WOULD be able to handle such a thing better than any of our current presidential candidates. Of course, she DOES have the obvious advantage of being fictional.
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