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I hope Sleeping Beauty never wakes up

Last night's Simpsons episode wasn't great, but it's wasn't terrible either. Marge wanting to be a ballerina and Lisa having a certain amount of natural talent for it did come out of nowhere, but I don't think it really contradicted anything in previous episodes. It's not like the writers suddenly decided that Marge went to college in the nineties while Homer fronted a grunge band, or anything like that. :P It's odd that Marge wouldn't have mentioned her dream back when Bart did ballet, but hey. I think the beginning was one of the more amusing parts, having done the midnight pick-up of the latest Harry Potter book a few times. I do think, however, that it's kind of odd when the Simpsons universe has its own equivalent of a pop culture phenomenon, even though the real-world one also gets mentioned. It's like when Homer, Bart, and Lisa went to watch "Cosmic Wars," despite some previous and future mentions of the real Star Wars. But then, it's not like Harry Potter and Star Wars didn't spawn plenty of imitations in our own world as well.

Also not great but not terrible is the latest They Might Be Giants podcast, which includes some demos and alternate versions of songs. It starts with a fast take on "Where Your Eyes Don't Go," and also features a demo of "Extra Savoir-Faire." The latter was cool to hear, but really didn't sound too much different from the album version. It's kind of interesting that John Flansburgh hosts this podcast as himself, without putting on a character or using a goofy digitized voice. At the end is "Lee Harvey Was A Friend Of Mine," the first Laura Cantrell song I ever heard (as far as I can remember, anyway), which has Flans on guitar and his wife on backing vocals.

Finally, I'd like to wish a happy birthday to rockinlibrarian, who turns 30 today.
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