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I've recently been getting into the bad habit of nodding off while watching movies or TV, even if I like what I'm watching. I guess that's what I get for viewing while lying in bed. It happened while I was watching Rashomon on Friday night, and that's not a good movie to miss parts of, since: 1) reading the subtitles is crucial to knowing what's going on, and 2) the whole point is that it's showing the same scene from several different perspectives. I caught most of it, though, and found it pretty interesting. I have to say that what stuck with me the most, however, is how insane Tajômaru's laugh was.

I didn't nod off during Brazil, which I watched last night, even though it was a bit on the longish side. I enjoyed it, and found it rather relevant to today, what with the government using terrorism as an excuse to increase their own level of control and amount of bureaucratic red tape. The message wasn't particularly novel even in 1985, but I think it was well-made, with a lot of detail in the backgrounds and such. I kind of thought the plot didn't go much of anywhere, but maybe that was intentional.

And in Sims 2 news, I've finally gotten a group of Sims to graduate from college. It wasn't really that difficult, just time-consuming. They lived in a dorm the entire time and didn't do much on campus, which is kind of similar to my own college experience, although my grades weren't quite as good. There are jobs that only college graduates can do, but I'm a little disappointed that they aren't tailored to specific majors. I'm well aware that a great many college graduates never get jobs related to their degrees, but isn't the game supposed to be Sim-pler (get it? :P) than real life?

Speaking of The Sims, I've heard that the third game is supposed to come out in the near future. I'm sure I won't get it for a while, but there's a good chance I will eventually. All I really know about it is that the Sims can apparently leave their homes without cars. What I think would be nice is a way to transfer the Sims from 2 (or even 1, for that matter) to 3, but I'm sure that's beyond the scope of its programming.
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