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By now, you probably know that I like to say a bit (or sometimes a lot) about every new Simpsons episode, and last night's is no exception. I actually like it when they do callbacks to previous episodes and characters, and I think the plot of the most recent show fit with what we know of Lurleen Lumpkin from her original appearance. I liked the gag about her only dating men who look like Homer. Taking the episode on its own merits, well, I didn't laugh that much, and the plot kind of stagnated after Lurleen's father came back, and then rushed through the conflict at the end. I still enjoyed it, though. And I'm sure this is kind of mean, but Natalie Maines might be one of very few people who actually looks better as a Simpsons drawing. :P

No new Family Guy or American Dad to discuss, but bethje and I did watch the beginning of The Ten Commandments. Believe it or not, it was totally a coincidence that it came up on our Netflix queue so soon after the death of Charlton Heston. I knew that movie was long, but we're two hours in and Moses hasn't even talked to the burning bush yet.
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