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Suspending your rights for the duration of the permanent war

There's a new They Might Be Giants podcast up, and it includes the band's cover of the song "There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow." They play this song at the Carousel of Progress in Disney World, but that was one of the attractions bethje and I didn't see while there. Also in the podcast are demo versions of "Unrelated Thing" and "What Bothers The Spaceman." And while I have the I Palindrome I EP, I haven't listened to it in some time, so it was nice to hear "Siftin'" again. I think the most interesting part of this podcast, however, was the brief song about the NSA.

Speaking of music, while shoe shopping at Kohl's last night, they played Frank Black's "Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day" over the intercom, which was unexpected and very cool. Since I've long since become resigned to listening primarily to musicians who don't get much radio play, it's always exciting to hear an exception. I did end up buying some new slip-on shoes. The weird thing is that the ones that fit the best were a size 9.5, even though I usually wear a size 10.5. Why can't the sizes be consistent? That's really pretty typical, though. I mean, there are other clothes measured in inches where the sizes aren't consistent, so I suppose it's only to be expected with the more nebulously defined shoe sizes.

And finally, to get political for a brief moment, I think the problem with criticizing Obama over his association with Reverend Wright and that terrorist dude whose name I can't remember is that I hardly think that kind of thing is unique to him. I'm sure that, if people were willing to dig deeply enough (and they probably will before November), they'd find that EVERY political candidate has occasionally had lunch with, been in the church choir with, or lived next door to someone of dubious moral character. Shouldn't we be evaluating the candidates on their own beliefs and actions, rather than those of casual acquaintances?
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