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Warning: Fun House May Contain Christian Message

Wow, an entire block of new animated programming on Fox (or, as they call it, "Animation Domination," which rhymes AND sounds tough at the same time :P)! Haven't seen that in a while, have we? The Simpsons episode wasn't bad, but it was pretty heavy on the really cartoony sight gags, particularly in the scenes with Bart operating the combination harvester and raising the calf. Also, didn't we just see Bart almost get married not too long ago? Oh, well. Family Guy was also pretty good, and I appreciate how they acknowledged that the premise made no sense. We were actually discussing on one of my Oz lists how writers sometimes use a technique like that, which is technically known as "lampshade hanging." Speaking of Oz, I thought the Wizard of Oz gag was great. The Matthew McConaughey (sheesh, that's a hard name to spell) bit went on for a little too long, but hey, it wouldn't be Family Guy without at least one ridiculously drawn-out joke. American Dad was, I think, the best of the three new episodes I watched last night. I wonder if we'll ever see Sergei again in future shows. They never actually gave a real conclusion to the Roger and Klaus subplot, but that didn't really bother me (which doesn't mean it's not worth mentioning on the Internet {g}).
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