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Don't worry who these jokes will all be lost on

Today, I received the new Dresden Dolls album, which is called No, Virginia, as it's essentially a counterpart to their excellent 2006 release Yes, Virginia. I remember They Might Be Giants coming up with a similar joke when they mentioned that they were considering naming an album Yes!, to go along with their children's album No! I don't know how seriously they really were about this, though, and red tape resulted in No! not being released until almost a year after the other album (which turned out to be Mink Car), so the joke wouldn't have worked so well anyway. Anyway, I guess No, Virginia is sort of a rarities collection, and I don't think it's quite as engaging (or, for that matter, quite as manic) as their other two albums. It's still a strong collection of songs, though, and undoubtedly...uh, Dresden Doll-ish, I guess.

And if I may turn to a different musician, check out what Weird Al bought at Amoeba Records.

Not much else to report now, really. My latest Oz manuscript has actually been coming along pretty well, but does anyone reading this care about that? I'll be watching the American Idol finalé, but I don't particularly care who wins. I like David Cook better, but a David Archuleta win would be such a victory for his insane stage dad. I think past years have pretty much proven that whether or not you win on the show has bugger all to do with how successful you become in the music industry. And I want to see Prince Caspian, but I'm not sure when I'll get the chance.
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