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Just Desserts (and Several Other Things)

1. On Thursday night, I went out with bethje and Dorothea to Bennigan's. It was karaoke night, and while we didn't actually go into the room where they were doing the singing, we did get to hear a drunken rendition of "Roxanne." Bennigan's now has one of those three-course meal deals like they do at a lot of comparable restaurants. I ended up getting one of those even though I didn't really want dessert, because it was cheaper than getting the dinner and appetizer individually. The dessert I had was an Apple Sizzler, which I didn't really care for that much. I'm really not that big on restaurant desserts anyway. I usually don't like chocolate-intensive dishes, and the non-chocolate offerings tend to be a bit bland and overly filling. I did like the Strawberry Tallcake at Ruby Tuesday, but they've since discontinued it, and totally changed the format of the Chocolate Tallcake as well. I think my favorite desserts are ones that include fresh fruit, but those are rare, for obvious reasons. And I even remember some berries-and-sorbet dish, which is something I usually like, having some particular kind of berry that I found unappealing.

2. Last night, we watched a documentary on Ingrid Newkirk, the founder of PETA. I've addressed before how, even though there are some points on which I agree with PETA, and others where I disagree but can see their viewpoint, their wacky "let's sit around naked in cages" sorts of protests aren't such a great way of getting their message out. Regarding Newkirk herself, though, I get the impression that she's a cold, bitter person in general, and coming up with outrageous demonstrations is the only enjoyment she gets out of life. It's kind of sad, really.

3. Listening to some of Weird Al's old albums, I've noticed how, when he's not parodying a specific artist or style, his songs tend to be somewhat generic rock numbers (in terms of music, that is). And there's often a saxophone solo. Just consider things like "That Boy Could Dance," "Cable TV," "One of Those Days," "Airline Amy," or even "Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters from a Planet Near Mars." Not surprisingly, they tend to be the ones that even fans don't talk about all that much.
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