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Humans like cabbage, right?

bethje and I watched the new Futurama movie, The Beast with a Billion Backs, last night. I think I actually liked it better than Bender's Big Score. Of course, being the first of the new movies, BBS had to re-establish the show, while BBB didn't. I also think that BBS had a somewhat disjointed plot, with the writers throwing in whatever they thought would be cool. BBB, on the other hand, was surprisingly unified, with what initially seemed like irrelevant subplots becoming significant down the line. I feared it would become a bit tedious after almost everybody was under the influence of the tentacles, but there turned out to be some interesting twists after that. I found myself wondering whether they were going to keep Kif dead or revive him somehow. I'm glad he wasn't written out entirely, but the way Yivo brought him back seemed a little overly convenient. Oh, well. Stephen Hawking's appearance was cool (although I have to wonder how his speech synthesizer works when he's a head in a jar), and I liked seeing Pazuzu and Robot 1-X again.

And now, some nerdy notes on things I noticed:

  • Dan Castellaneta reappeared as the Robot Devil, but Hank Azaria didn't reprise his role as Harold Zoid.
  • Assuming Fry's cell phone contact list is alphabetical, the Professor apparently isn't on it.
  • At one point, Zapp says, "Stardate: Year of the Tiger." I believe 3008 will actually be the Year of the Dragon.
  • I've eaten at the Times Square Applebee's before. I wonder if it will be just as overpriced in another thousand years.
  • I used to have one of those Labyrinth games on which the Deathball court was based. I sucked at it.
  • At least as far as I could see, Nibbler never showed up. Has he permanently abandoned the Universe, or will he show up again in one of the later movies?

I'm definitely looking forward to the next one, but I think I'd prefer it if the next two don't have plots where the fate of the world hangs in the balance, as that's starting to get a bit predictable. I know they need big stories for these feature-length movies, but I'm sure they can do that without yet another alien invasion being the central theme.

Okay, I think I'm going to watch it with commentary now. I wanted to get my own thoughts out there before hearing what the writers had to say, but it looks like I've now accomplished that.
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