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An amusement park for babies

Yesterday, bethje's cousin Marji took her son Nathan to Storybook Land, and Beth and I went along. Beth had been there a lot of times as a kid, so it was kind of a nostalgic thing for her, and I was interested to see it. I have to say that it's totally overpriced. It costs $20 per person, except for children under the age of one. What's more, there's stuff inside that actually costs EXTRA money (only fifty cents each, but still). Most of it is just stuff to look at, based on children's books and nursery rhymes. A few of the attractions use pretty blatant Disney versions. At first I figured they were just rip-offs that the Disney lawyers haven't bothered with, but considering that the Alice in Wonderland maze, Three Little Pigs' brick house, and Snow White exhibit all use images and songs clearly from Disney's films, I guess they must have either paid Disney or are perpetrating a huge copyright violation. If they really did pay for permission, I think they wasted their money. It's not like Disney invented those public domain stories, and I'm sure they could have come up with something decent without breaking copyright laws. (Hey, when I was a kid, I came up with an entire amusement park based on the Alice books, and I don't think I used any Disney concepts at all.) Hey, maybe the legal fees are why the admission costs are so high. Anyway, they do have a few rides, including a tilt-a-whirl (technically called the Turtle Twirl) and a tiny but surprisingly rough roller coaster. I should be able to get some pictures up pretty soon. I'm seriously thinking I should get a paid Flickr account, for just such things.

We didn't really do that much else yesterday. We briefly went to the party thrown by Beth's aunt and uncle (Dorothea's parents), but it was pretty boring. I did like seeing their cat, though. After that, Beth, Dorothea, and I went out to eat at Denny's. I was happy that they let me have cinnamon apples as a side, instead of the hash browns that normally come with the Moons Over My Hammy. It's annoying that what you're allowed to substitute really depends on the waitress. We didn't go to see any fireworks, although there were a few probably illegal ones that we saw at the party. Seeing fireworks isn't as cool now as when I was a kid, not only because they're less impressive after seeing them a whole bunch of times, but because they don't seem to be as much of a Fourth of July Only thing anymore. Nowadays, people launch fireworks for just about every possible occasion.
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