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I get all depressed every time my cell phone is roaming

It cost over $50 to talk to bethje a few times while she was in Canada. I didn't even consider this at first, probably because I'm too enlightened to think in such nationalistic terms. :P Seriously, though, I wanted to check my bill after the first calls, to see how much they might be costing me, but it wouldn't even tell me at that point. What really bothers me is that they're already charging us for a bunch of minutes we never use. Why don't they just have international calls take up additional minutes? Well, okay, I KNOW why, but wouldn't that be more reasonable? Really, though, when's the last time you knew a phone company to be reasonable? We're probably going to be switching to another company at the end of next month, not because of that, but so we can actually get reception at home. Maybe AT&T gets good service in dive bars, like they claim in the commercials, but in South Jersey residences? Not so much.

I had a dream in which I was planning on meeting both Mikhail Gorbachev and Weird Al after school. They weren't at the same exact place, but they were both in town. Or maybe it wasn't me, but some character in a story I was reading. That wasn't entirely clear. Either way, though, it never actually happened. I've had other dreams about meeting Al, but never Gorbachev.

I think I need a haircut. I wish I didn't have so much stuff to get done on my days off.
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