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Chuck Norris has nothing on God

I had a dream last night that primarily involved a crazy building. At first it was basically just my grandparents' old house, and I think I was there with my family. Somehow, though, it also contained a bar up above the house part. I was considering playing pool there, but there was no one else to play it with. At one point, I needed to use the bathroom, and both of the ones in the house were occupied or something. So I went over to this other part of the building that had offices in it, and got a key from a security guard. Later, I remembered that I hadn't returned the key, and when I went back to where the guard had been, that place looked totally different. I believe there might have been an arcade there.

There's been a fair amount of crappiness going on in my life as of late, but I'm going to try to keep the rest of this entry positive. A few things I've been enjoying as of late include:

  • Speed run-throughs of video games
  • Skeptic Wiki. There are too many incomplete pages there, but there's some cool stuff to read. I found the information on the PiIllars of Enoch to be particularly interesting.
  • Flood myths from around the world
  • Nellie McKay's third album, Obligatory Villagers, which I just bought today. Considering that both of her first two albums were long, two-disc deals, it's weird how short this one is. Incidentally, the music store was playing the Mountain Goats, which is weird because I'd just been listening to a song of theirs in the car.
  • The prospect of new solo albums by Amanda Palmer and Jenny Lewis in September
  • Andrew Lang's different-colored Fairy Books
  • Slurpees. Well, okay, just one Slurpee, but it was the first one I'd had in a while, and I quite liked it.
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