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Are you telling me you don't see the connection between government and laughing at people?

I have two political issues to address in this post, the first of which is no joking matter, and the second of which is. Literally. Anyway, the first is that there's a movement in the Department of Health and Human Services to define many methods of contraception as abortion. At one point, I thought that the sponsors of this idea should be forced to adopt the unwanted children that such a policy would produce. But that really wouldn't be fair to the kids, especially if they happen to be female. So instead, maybe they should be made to pay the costs associated with other people adopting these kids. That's only fair, right? Some of the comments on that post express the idea that the Religious Right wants more children so that they can grow up and fight in the nation's never-ending wars. I really don't believe that most of them are thinking that far ahead (indeed, that's part of the problem), but that does kind of seem to be the logical conclusion of the pro-war and anti-birth-control position.

Another thing I've seen mentioned a fair amount recently is how it's hard for comedians to make fun of Obama. I don't really know that that's true, but I think a lot of political humor is kind of lazy. I mean, how many "hey, McCain is old" jokes have you heard? Not to say that it isn't a problem that there's a good chance our country will elect a president who's too much of an old fogey to know how to use the Internet, but aren't a lot of those jokes the same ones that everybody made about Bob Dole? (Fortunately for McCain, he has the good sense not to refer to himself in the third person.) A lot of the "gee, isn't this guy dumb?" jokes about Dubya are pretty similar to Dan Quayle jokes, too. And that's just going by my own narrow frame of reference. I'm sure a lot of those jokes are much older than that, as are the "What a lech!" jokes most recently applied to Bill Clinton. Sure, it's fine to use the classics on occasion, but can't we come up with any more original political jokes?

Oh, and happy belated birthday to jenhime!
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