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In the Old Downtown

I'm not sure why I'm up so early today. I'm not tired now, but I wouldn't be surprised if my tiredness comes to stab me in the back later today.

So, okay. Laura Cantrell last night. That's a sentence fragment, isn't it? Oh, well. You can see my pictures of the concert (as well as a few other things in Philadelphia that I thought were worth photographing) here, but I'll admit that most of them didn't come out too well, since I didn't use a flash. I'd bought the tickets for the show a while ago, and didn't realize at the time that it would be a split bill with someone named Carrie Rodriguez. And even though Laura was the one who received higher billing on the website, I think Carrie's set was actually longer. Anyway, Laura was accompanied by mandolin, guitar, and upright bass players; and they started the set with "Don't Break the Heart." Laura messed up a little in the second verse, but I'll forgive her. {g} Most of the rest of the set was from her new EP of covers of travel-related songs, Trains and Boats and Planes. After her set, I bought a copy of the EP, and she signed it for me. I mentioned that I saw her before the last time she came to the Tin Angel, which was during a snowstorm. She was apparently six months pregnant at the time, but I didn't even realize that. While I was buying the EP and meeting Laura, some old guy was talking to bethje.

As for Carrie, I thought she was talented, but kind of forgettable. I do give her credit for playing both guitar and violin (not at the same time, though {g}), and for her Art Nouveau girl look.

After leaving the venue and paying $22 to the parking garage (I think I need to find another parking place next time I go to the Tin Angel), we went to eat at Friendly's. I couldn't finish my whole meal, but I brought the rest of it home. I'll have to remember to eat it tonight; I'm often bad about remembering leftovers. I also had the Wattamelon Roll sundae, and Beth kept mentioning some Conan O'Brien bit that mentions that dessert. I thought it was good, but chocolate chips really don't go too well with sherbet.

Incidentally, I didn't realize my voice post would be automatically transcribed, and very poorly at that. "I read a little more of the O'Reilly book" became "I run away when I'm bored," and "Al Franken" became "out for anything." Oh, you crazy automatic transcribers!
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