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Pizza Power Pop

It seems like every celebrity wants to be a rock star. Hey, if they've been working in one of the lively arts, they must automatically be ready to take on others, right? Even fictional characters aren't free from the lure of popular music, and back in 1990, the hugely popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles went on the Coming Out of Our Shells Tour. I didn't see it, and neither did bethje, but she DID have the cassette of their music, which she forced me to listen to yesterday. And let me tell you, it's BAD. The music is boring stuff that I couldn't really see too many kids getting into, and some of them just seem like totally unrelated songs with a few references to ninjas and pizza throw in. The voices of the Turtles sound nothing like they do in either the cartoons or the movies. One song features Splinter singing, and he just sounds like your typical raspy-voiced pop singer. And really, even if the Turtles DID decide to form a rock band, does anyone REALLY think Splinter would have been part of it? My suspension of disbelief can go only so far. Hey, maybe it was better with the plot that was part of the live shows.

In a dream last night, I was watching the next Futurama movie, which for some reason was being shown on TV at the same time as the DVD release. The plot had nothing to do with anything I've actually heard about Bender's Game, instead involving Bender being sucked into an alternate universe through the TV, and remaining there for years. When he managed to establish contact with the Planet Express crew, he had the form of a human, but not like the one he became in that one Anthology of Interest. It was more of a human form that still had some robotic features. Maybe he'd become a cyborg. I don't know. Dreams sometimes don't make much sense. Anyway, Fry was using a device invented by the Professor that told the stories of people who had fallen out a window (yeah, I know that Bender was supposed to have fallen through the TV), and the window had a stained glass picture of Abraham Lincoln who claimed that only Dr. Zoidberg ever talked to him. There was also a bit where Zoidberg was testing for a job on an airplane, and really screwed it up. After that, the dream totally veered away from Futurama, and had something to do with my getting ice cream in the basement of a college dorm. I woke up before I actually got to eat any, though. I have to say that, if the plot of Bender's Game is actually anything like this dream, it's going to suck. {g}

Another dream I had involved trying to rescue a bunch of kids and cats (including Reagan) from a camp that brainwashed them. While running up the stairs to the room where they kept the cats, I insulted some monkey-faced woman, and pushed another lady off a landing. After that, I started to realize it was a dream, and felt the pushing had been unnecessary, but I don't think it ever actually changed. After that, I encountered a gang of guards with buckets, and there was something about suffocation and knockout gas. Oh, and another unrelated dream in which my mom made grandfather clocks with world maps on them.
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