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Carry me back to old Virginny

I hadn't seen my grandmother who lives in Virginia in some time, and bethje had never met her. So, when my mom mentioned that she was going down there with my brother and his girlfriend, we decided to go there as well. We went separately, and ended up spending less than a day there, so that we could minimize the time we'd have to take off from work. On the way, we hit some heavy rain on Interstate 95 in Maryland, which made it difficult to see the road, but we passed through that pretty quickly. Beth was also subjected to my singing along with music, which I often do when I'm alone, but try to avoid when other people are around. For the record, two songs I couldn't resist singing along to were the Smiths' "Ask" and the Dresden Dolls' "Girl Anachronism." Also, I had to pump my own gas for the first time in a while, since New Jersey is one of the few states (perhaps now the only state?) that still has gas station attendants. We made it to my grandmother's house before midnight. Once there, we went out to eat at IHOP, where there was a police officer in the waiting area the whole time. Later, I heard that there had been a shooting in a parking lot around there, which is pretty messed up. The next day, after spending some time visiting, we (which would be Beth, my mom, her sister, my brother, and his girlfriend) went to Cheddar's for dinner. Beth and I were thinking we'd want to eat somewhere they don't have in our area, and were considering Sonic and Shoney's. They don't have Cheddar's around here either, though, so that worked out all right. I quite enjoyed their honey butter croissants. Also, there's apparently now a Sonic within twenty miles of us, so we'll go there at some point. They'd been advertising in our area for years despite there not being any locations nearby (and I hear they also advertise in upstate New York, which is even farther away from any of the restaurants), but maybe they were just trying to get us ready for when they DID expand northward. If so, though, I think it was more preparation than necessary.

The trip back was quicker and easier than the one there. There was some rain, but hardly the storms that we'd encountered on the way there. We made a pit stop at the Wal-Mart in Tappahannock, which fortunately was not hit by a terrorist attack while we were there. And that's really about all there is to tell about the trip, but it was nice seeing my relatives again, and being able to introduce Beth to some she hadn't met before. Also, I finally got to give my mom the souvenir I bought her at Walt Disney World back in March, which was a wooden parrot from the Mexico pavilion at Epcot.

In other news, I'm probably not going to the Oz Convention in Fayetteville this October. I haven't totally ruled it out, since although I missed the deadline for early registration, there are apparently some events that are free, or for which tickets will be available at the time. Still, it's kind of far away, and I might want to hold out and see if there's a closer one next year.
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