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Together in Electric Dreams

On Thursday, bethje and I went to Trenton to see the Regeneration Tour, which was a bunch of eighties band playing together. The acts were Naked Eyes, A Flock of Seagulls, ABC, Belinda Carlisle, and the Human League. I really could have done without the first three, though. I like Naked Eyes' version of "Always Something There to Remind Me," but not enough to have wanted to see them live. We went to see the Human League, as Beth is a fan, but Belinda was also pretty good, and quite energetic for a fifty-year-old woman. Also, she introduced "Circle in the Sand" as a song that you hear in grocery stores and elevators, which was amusing. The Human League had a fancier setup than the other bands, including videos playing behind them. During one of their songs (I forget which one), they showed a video of politicians' faces morphing into each other. Based on the crowd's reactions, I got the impression that there were a lot of Democrats attending that night. Lead singer Phil Oakey paced around the stage a lot, and the two female members appeared in a few different outfits. I have to give props to the short, shiny dresses that they wore during a few songs.

Incidentally, the woman who introduced the concert (I believe she was from a local radio station) said something about the eighties being a time when you didn't have a care in the world. Yeah, remember those carefree days of the Cold War and cutthroat business practices? Why can't things be like that now?

I got lost getting out of Trenton. Not seriously lost, but I did get rather close to the bridge to Pennsylvania, which definitely would have taken us out of the way. Fortunately, we made it back home without leaving the state.

And speaking of concerts, here's a somewhat relevant survey that I got from slfcllednowhere:

What was the last concert you attended?
The one I just wrote about. Before that, it was Laura Cantrell and Carrie Rodriguez.

What bands have you seen in concert, and how many times?
Laura Cantrell (twice), Carrie Rodriguez, Magnetic Fields, Spice Girls, Rasputina (twice as a headliner and once as an opener), They Might Be Giants (upwards of twenty times, but I've lost exact count), Tori Amos (six times, I think?), Rufus Wainwright, Herman's Hermits, Weird Al (five times), Erin McKeown (three times, plus once with Voices on the Verge), Jian Ghomeshi, Andy Stochansky, Decemberists (twice), Dresden Dolls, Minus 5, Neko Case (five times, I think, plus once with the New Pornographers), Belle and Sebastian (twice), Elton John (twice), Cracker (only once as a full band, but I saw another show with just David Lowery and Johnny Hickman), Jenny Lewis, Corn Mo (several times as an opener for both TMBG and Ben Folds, and once at a burlesque show), The Last Car (once as a co-headliner and twice as an opener), Piñataland, New Pornographers (once as headliners and once as openers), Ben Folds (four or five times as a headliner, and once as an opener), Pixies (twice), Camper Van Beethoven (twice), Carolyn Mark, Kelly Hogan (twice as co-headliner, and once as backing vocalist for Neko), Nora O'Connor, Sloan (three times), Frank Black and the Catholics, The Bobs, Moxy Früvous, John Flynn, Da Vinci's Notebook, Naked Eyes, A Flock of Seagulls, ABC, Belinda Carlisle, the Human League...I might be forgetting someone, and I'm not including openers, unless I also saw them as headliners. Although maybe I should include my favorite bands that I've only seen as openers: Muckafurgason, the Moldy Peaches, and the Ditty Bops.

Do you have any setlists? From what bands?
No, I've never really known how people managed to get them.

What band are you in the mood to see live right this second?
I don't know that I'm the mood to see a band right now.

Have you ever been on a tour bus?

Have you ever partied with a band?
I've never really even partied WITHOUT a band.

How many states/provinces have you been to concerts in?
Let's see...Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware. That's four.

What bands did you see live the month of May?
TMBG, Weird Al, Herman's Hermits, Ben Folds, and Sloan. Maybe others as well, but those were the ones I found by searching for May LJ entries with the "concerts" tag.

Who is one band that you used to like, but now you cant stand?
I can't really think of any. As of late, I've mostly just added new interests without dropping old ones, and that includes bands.

Have you ever been on anyone's guest list? Whose?
No, not at all.

Last band person that you got a picture with?
You know, it was probably the Johns from TMBG, but that was a few years ago, and they barely even looked at the camera.

Do you consider yourself a groupie?
No, but all the musicians I had sex with might think differently! No, seriously, I've never even interacted with any musician for more than a few minutes, let alone done the nasty with them.

How old were you when you went to your first concert?
I guess I saw my first real concert was I was 18.

Who was it?
Weird Al

Which artists haven't you seen yet that you want to see?
Let's see. I've actually seen a lot of them by now, although I'd want to see the Ditty Bops as headliners. I'd love to see XTC or the Young Fresh Fellows, but the former is probably impossible, and the latter not all that likely. The Pipettes might be fun to see. Let's see...what other artists have I gotten into recently? Nellie McKay, but does she tour? I honestly have no idea.

Are you wearing a band shirt right now?
Right now I'm not wearing a shirt, but I think I'm going to wear my TMBG Mesopotamians shirt when I go out.

What band do you own the most merch of?
TMBG, by far.

Do you ever do anything crazy at shows?
Well, standing up for upwards of two hours is pretty crazy, when you think about it.

What are your favorite venues to go to shows at?
Ones with seats, usually. I don't like the Tweeter Center, though, and it has seats. Joe's Pub is nice, although it can be hard to find a seat if you haven't ordered food (we've managed to find them every time we've gone there, though), and they make you buy overpriced drinks on top of your ticket price. I like the Tin Angel, too, although the seats aren't very comfortable. I prefer small venues, I guess. Most of the bands I like tend to play medium-sized venues, though, which usually means standing room only. I think the one I've been to the most often is the TLA, but I don't like it very much. The Trocadero is nicer, but I don't think it holds as many people.

What band do you have the most performance pictures of?
Nowadays, it seems like most venues don't even allow cameras, and I'm not the type to try to sneak one in. So I don't have enough of my own to really count for anything. I think I've LOOKED at more performance pictures of TMBG than any other band, though.

Would you ever get a tattoo representing a band?
No, I'm not a fan of tattoos, and if I had to get one it would more likely be Oz-related.

How many concerts do you average a year?
Oh, I don't know. Around eight, perhaps? Maybe more? I don't know. The number has dropped a bit as of late.

Upcoming shows?
We're seeing Ben Folds again in another two weeks.
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