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The Corey Line

Yesterday was the eleventh Monster-Mania Convention in Cherry Hill. This time, there really wasn't that much to do until the evening. bethje and I looked around the dealer room, but didn't buy anything. We also ate lunch at Friendly's, watched a few Three Stooges shorts and a Casper cartoon that they showed when someone who was supposed to do a Q&A didn't show up, and saw a panel discussion on an upcoming low-budget horror film called Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet. The more popular panels started at 7, and this time there was a line to get in, which I found rather annoying. Those panels are getting WAY too crowded, and I think they really should move the convention to a bigger venue. Anyway, the first of the evening's panels was "The Men Behind the Mask and Makeup," this time featuring Tyler Mane (Michael Myers from Rob Zombie's Halloween remake), Kane Hodder (Jason in the seventh through tenth Friday the 13th films), Derek Mears (Jason in the upcoming Friday remake), C.J. Graham (yet another Jason, this time from Part 6), Jeffrey Combs (Herbert from Re-Animator), and John Kassir (voice of the Crypt-Keeper). It was pretty interesting, but it was kind of irritating that the people running the convention decided to play music and video cues on occasion. The next panel consisted of Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander, and someone in the audience demanded that they (well, actually just Corey, I guess) moonwalk, to which they eventually gave in after the crowd refused to let it go. Really, I have to say that's pretty rude. These people come to the panels to answer questions, not to be audience members' trained performance monkeys. Anyway, next came the Nightmare on Elm Street reunion. This included a lot of guests, and I'm really not sure why they don't just give Robert Englund his own Q&A sessions. I mean, the guy could easily fill an hour by himself, probably even if no one asked him any questions. The last panel of the night was a reunion for The Lost Boys, preceded by Gerard McMann performing the theme song (which, honestly, is a pretty mediocre song, even though Gerard insisted that people always clamored to hear it at his concerts). Most of the questions for the last panel were directed at Corey Haim, including one woman trying to marry him to her daughter. There were also some obnoxious people behind us, who insisted on talking through the whole thing. Come on, if you want to talk amongst yourselves, why bother going into the crowded ballroom?

Dave, the guy who sets up the conventions, was talking about how there weren't very many horror franchises that hadn't yet been represented at Monster-Mania. I think he'd be all right just getting the same guests multiple times. I mean, Robert Englund is always entertaining, as are Gunnar Hansen, Sid Haig, and Doug Bradley. I think the main improvement that could be made is moving the whole thing to a bigger place, and making more of an effort to keep everything organized.
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