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Vampire Club

There's a new Chick Tract, but really, there isn't much I can say about it. It's one that seems to be intentionally silly, to the point that it almost seems like Jack is making fun of himself. But other things he's written suggest that he really DOES believe in vampires. Apparently they lose their fangs once they convert to Christianity, though. I do have to wonder why the vampire party in the second panel is being attended by some kind of troll. Did he miss the memo and wear the wrong costume? And the black guy in the sunglasses doesn't appear to be wearing a costume at all. Maybe he's someone's bodyguard, but why would a vampire need one of them? Still, since most of the characters in this one are SUPPOSED to look weird, the art is probably more effective than usual.

I notice that, as in previous tracts, Chick's Devil has the traditional horns and goatee. That's one of the more recognizable and interesting appearances for Satan, but I can't imagine it would normally be that effective for tricking people. There have, of course, been a lot of different conceptions of Satan over the years, from a suave intellectual to Dante's hairy three-headed monster. Nowadays, it seems like the Devil is often portrayed as a sleazy used car salesman type, which seems rather demeaning for a guy who's sometimes credited as ruler of the entire material world.

Anyway, happy birthday to revme, and to themall!
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