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Back to the Debate

Okay, I've thought of a few other things I wanted to mention about the debate.

1. McCain referred to Obama having the most liberal voting record in the Senate, and someone else recently said he was the most left-wing Senator. I find that hard to believe. I mean, isn't Kucinich still in the Senate? The early part of the Democratic primary process tends to consist of weeding out the actually liberal candidates. Then, after a fairly moderate candidate is chosen, the Republicans try to paint him as someone who's going to replace the Department of Defense with a Department of Flowers and Kittens. (Not that I think a Department of Flowers and Kittens would be a bad thing, but I doubt it would do much good against Bin Laden. He doesn't strike me as a lover of cute things.)

2. Obama said something about the United States being "the greatest country in the world." Are you required to say that if you're running for president? And what scale are you using to rank the greatness of countries? The nationalism of this commonly spouted phrase really bothers me. Can't you love your country without putting others down in the process?

3. Why does no one ever even acknowledge the lower class in these things? I mean, this is basically what he get from the two parties:

REPUBLICANS: We need more tax cuts for the upper class!
DEMOCRATS: No, it's middle class we need to help!
JOHN EDWARDS: Hey, you know there's also a lower class, right?
REPUBLICANS AND OTHER DEMOCRATS: Screw those poor bastards!

Of course, why should we listen to Edwards? He's a pretty boy who gets expensive haircuts and fathered a child out of wedlock, after all.

4. McCain was going off about how health care decisions should be made by families, not the government. But isn't a large part of the problem that it isn't either one of those parties making the decisions, but rather the insurance companies? Besides, even if we had national health care, I don't think anyone would stop you from choosing a doctor and paying out of pocket if you really wanted to. And what's with the Republicans' always talking about choice in this matter, when they seem to oppose it in all other respects? Also, McCain's plan to give tax credits in order to let people pay for health care strikes me as pretty stupid. Hey, if someone gave ME extra money, I wouldn't use it for health care, unless I just happened to have a serious health issue around when I got my income tax refund.

And while this wasn't addressed in this debate, if politicians are going to keep pimping out the idea that everyone should go to college, then the colleges need to stop raising their tuition every five minutes, when it was already too expensive for just about anyone to afford without a loan, a scholarship, or years of saving. If education is so great, why not put some money into it? But I guess it's easier to yak about education than to actually fund it. I mean, just look at No Child Left Behind.
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